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Triotech launches new interactive adventure for the STORM coin-op simulator

Reef Rider Triotech

Triotech, the award-winning creator of media-based attractions, has launched Reef Rider, the second interactive adventure for the STORM.

Triotech is pleased to announce the launch of Reef Rider, the brand new interactive game for its popular STORM coin-op simulator. The VR experience takes players on an underwater adventure as they compete to catch bubbles and other power-ups.

“STORM was an amazing success when we introduced it in Orlando,” says Ernest Yale, CEO of Triotech.  “Interactivity is what distinguishes the STORM from other VR simulators. In this regard, it is unique in the market. Add to that the competition between riders, the super-precise motion, special effects, and the resulting experience is refreshingly new and fun.”

Reef Rider

“The earning results are great; up to $5,500 per week even after re-opening post-COVID. It’s a cutting-edge VR simulator that appeals to a wide demographic market,” says Yale. “You see riders laugh, scream, and have an all-around good time playing STORM.  The fact that players choose their own adventure and difficulty setting drives replays for operators.”

STORM is an ideal, hygienic solution for operators recovering from the pandemic, as the motion detection technology means that there is no need for players to touch any hardware or controls – they interact simply by waving their hands. It is also simple to clean and coin-operated.

Reef Rider is the second experience that Triotech has created for the STORM, and will drive repeat visits thanks to its variety. The company is developing a content library for the STORM as it has done with its other popular coin-op simulator, the Typhoon – this encourages guests to come back and play again.

Last month, Triotech also announced the installation of the biggest XD Dark Ride in the Southern Hemisphere, the new Spectra XD Dark Ride at Rainbow’s End theme park in New Zealand. The immersive 7D theatre experience is custom made for the park and seats 28 guests.

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