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Alterface to partner with AVANZA for ScreenPLAY applications


A leader in interactive technology, Alterface has announced their latest technology partnership with international digital projection company AVANZA for ScreenPLAY applications in location-based entertainment.

Alterface is pleased to announce their cooperation with AVANZA that will combine the technologies from both companies to empower ScreenPLAY for new markets and applications. Through this innovative solution, cinemas, shopping malls and venues can experience a new level of interactivity and enjoy this form of location-based entertainment.

The ScreenPLAY Kit was established from Alterface’s proven and patented camera-based NOMAD (New Optimized Mobile Action Device) detection technology. It also includes various 3D shooting devices, such as the multi-awarded Popcorn Revenge IP as well as merchandising options. As a result of the kit’s smart detection system, interactive experiences can be offered to a wide range of audiences at any venue without modifying the screen or wiring it up.


Based in China, AVANZA Corporation is a leading international projection provider that offers a selection of professional laser projectors ranging from 3000 to 20,000 lumens paired with its excellent laser safety technology. To support and further enhance the ScreenPLAY kit, AVANZA will integrate its projection, sound and light technology to create a high-performance solution that will operate smoothly.

“This technology partnership between AVANZA and Alterface will reinforce our position in the market. Both AVANZA and Alterface are highly specialized companies in their respective fields; with strong affinity and cultural compatibility. By providing innovative solutions which exceed the customer’s expectations, I truly believe our partnership will lead to exciting new applications,” says founder and CEO of AVANZA Corporation Fei YAN.

The best of both worlds

According to CEO & Founder of Alterface, Benoit Cornet: “AVANZA’s technology completes the ScreenPLAY Kit as an all-inclusive plug & play package. We offer a flexible licensing system that packages the game & IP license together with the wireless interactive devices, allowing for a broader variety in games and theming. The wireless devices enable individual ID tracking, allowing venue owners to identify and know their audience in the playroom by linking gun ID with loyalty cards or bonus systems.”

alterace logoThe interactive device provides the best solution in terms of design possibilities, costs, reliability and sturdiness with the limited amount and simplicity of its components. In addition, the technological and high value components used for detection and tracking are separate from the interactive devices. Instead, they are located out of reach from guests, and close to the projectors.

With this, owners of various venues, including cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls and others, will have the ability to treat their customers to a high-level of excitement through a physical presence. They will also be able to adjust the content, format and gameplay to adapt to their infrastructure and audiences.

“We see tremendous opportunities for ScreenPLAY and the collaboration with AVANZA will help us to grow faster and develop a leading market position together. This kind of ‘social’ entertainment will attract visitors who are looking for excitement and unique experiences. Together with AVANZA, we offer the perfect solution to bring interactivity to everyone, everywhere,” says Cornet.

Alterface has recently presented its interactive Popcorn Revenge dark ride as a turnkey solution for family and regional theme parks. The company has also appointed Gillian Basso as Chief Information Officer, where he will be responsible for driving further innovation and securing the company’s leadership position in the industry.

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