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Dronisos to strengthen presence in the US with new office and training center


Dronisos, a leading drone light show specialist, has announced the opening of their new office, and a training center that will host a partnership program for drone technology usage certification.

Founded three years ago in Bordeaux, France, Dronisos specialises in the execution of indoor and outdoor light shows. The company has celebrated a major milestone earlier this year, with its 10,000th drone show installation at Vulcania, a theme park in Auvergne, France.

Building on its success, Dronisos is excited to open their newest office in Orlando, Florida. Situated in the global hub of the entertainment industry, this strategic location will allow Dronisos to continue to expand within the American market, where they are already performing a fifth of their shows.

“The demand is particularly strong in this territory. In some states, fireworks are considered too noisy and dangerous because of fire hazards. We are convinced of the merits of establishing ourselves in the United States because we are able to offer new types of shows, outdoor shows in particular,” says Dronisos CEO, Laurent Perchais.

“After nearly a thousand years of pyrotechnic shows, it’s time for new experiences! The contributions made by technology make it possible to render prevalent the use of drones in the event industry.”

A training partnership program for drone technology

Dronisos is also pleased to announce that they are launching the world’s first drone training center in Kentucky. The center will support the partnership program developed by Dronisos, which will train partners to be certified in the use of their drone technology. Through this certification program, the company aims to build a global network of expert partners, as well as to meet the demands of shows around the world.

After training is completed, these partners will then be able to perform the shows that are created by Dronisos. The dedicated training facility in Kentucky supports partners and their teams for their training to master all aspects of the production and performance of drone light shows.

“Having at their disposal a safe flight space and Dronisos’ flight kit of 100 drones, operators will be able to acquire the necessary know-how for the organisation of shows. Our training center will also be an opportunity for them to come and test the shows in real life,” says Perchais.

Dronisos has also been involved in many projects in the Middle East, such as a showcase of its drone light shows at the DEAL trade show in Dubai. Its shows were also featured in various TV shows and events, including Arabs Got Talent, the HIPA Award Ceremony in Dubai and Odisha Hockey World Cup in India.

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