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Pay by tattoo at the Super Bowl with Connect&GO’s contactless payment experience

connect and go pay by tattoo at the superbowl with contactless rfid

Connect&GO has developed a new contactless pay experience that allows visitors to pay by tattoo at the Super Bowl.

Connect&GO is a global leader in frictionless payment experiences in the leisure, sports and entertainment industries.

The Quebec company has developed the new payment system which was tested in Minneapolis by TVA Sports Super Special Envoy Andy Mailly-Pressoir.

“It’s a contactless experience,” Sebastien Auger, Chief Growth Officer at Connect&GO told TVA Sports, “We’ve already had a Visa event where we used tattoos. They loved the experience so much that we decided to play it at the Super Bowl.

connect&GO contactless pay by tattoo at the superbowl

“People come for their semi-permanent tattoos and raise dollars to spend them during the day.”

The electronic chips are linked to a credit card account, allowing visitors to not only pay but also to participate in virtual reality activities, one of which is used to raise money for a good cause.

“When you dance, an avatar mimics your movements. The more you dance, the more money you raise. Some of the money will be donated to a charity chosen by US Bank and Visa,” adds Auger.

Connect&GO also provided a branded contactless RFID payment experience for Bullseye Lodge.

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