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Holovis teams up with D-BOX and launches The Descent at EAG Expo

The Descent Holovis

Holovis, a leading experience designer, has partnered with D-BOX Technologies, a world leader in immersive motion entertainment experiences, and will be launching its latest product, The Descent, at EAG International Expo 2020.

Holovis is pleased to announce that it will be debuting its latest product at the Entertainment, Attractions and Gaming (EAG) International Expo, which takes place at London’s ExCel from 14 – 16 January 2020. The Descent is the latest creation from Holovis, from its new range of multisensory, immersive and interactive solutions for family entertainment.

The company has also partnered with D-BOX to ensure that The Descent features next-generation, ultra-precise, dynamic motion, engineered to flight simulation standards. This immersive new product puts guests at the centre of a VR adventure, where they must descend through a creature-infested cave system and fight for their own survival.

An immersive adventure

The Descent mixes real-time gaming and cinematic effects with immersive audio-triggered events and 3D soundscapes. This ensures that guests will have a different experience each time, therefore encouraging repeat play.

The standing motion platform features four D-BOX Actuators, delivering 1.5 inches of heave. The motion is accurately synched with what guests are experiencing, and is combined with effects such as fans and air blasts as well as surround sound.

D-BOX technology can generate more than 65,000 different motion cues to add to the realism of the attraction. This includes movements, vibrations and textures. The precisely synchronised motion also lowers the risk of motion sickness.

Scalable experiences

The Descent HolovisHolovis has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to creating large-scale and complex experiences for leading global theme parks. Now, the company has applied this to a new range of scalable solutions, providing personalised and repeatable experiences with a high ROI.

“We have long been championing fully multisensory, connected experiences that go beyond just the visuals to include advanced sound design, integrated SFX and precise synchronised motion,” says Peter Cliff, Creative Director of Holovis.

“Working alongside D-BOX to harness its motion capability we are further advancing this experiential layer of storytelling with a solution that is scalable from e-ticket attractions through to these next-generation attractions that are now accessible to FECs and more compact entertainment spaces.”

“Our motion system stems from decades of simulation engineering in dynamic fields such as flight simulation, construction equipment simulation, cinematic entertainment and racing simulation,” says Yannick Gemme, Sales Vice President at D-BOX. “We consistently apply the very same level of engineering precision to deliver the highest level of immersiveness in all types of applications in the attractions industry.”

“The system also presents clients with a low total cost of ownership, as the operation of a D-BOX powered attraction requires little to no maintenance. Its seamless integration ensures that attraction remains user-friendly all while requiring minimal training and knowledge for operators.”

The Holovis team will be at booth #355 at EAG International Expo from 14 – 16 January, where attendees can experience The Descent for themselves.

Earlier this year, Holovis also announced a new partnership with Korean digital agency and manufacturer Sangwha, which will now be the exclusive European reseller for Holovis’ Gyro VR motion systems.

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