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TCL Chinese 6 theater Hollywood hosts eSports tournament

mx4d poster by mediamation

Hollywood’s TCL Chinese 6 theater, built by interactive attraction technology company MediaMation, Inc., has hosted the first eSports “Arena of Valor” World Cup.

The eSports tournament took place in the TCL Chinese 6 theater, the first of its kind in Hollywood. The venue functions both as an MX4D® MotionEFX movie theatre, as well as hosting competitive esports tournaments. The venue was built by MediaMation, Inc.

TCL Chinese Theatres launched into esports last year with the formation of its subsidiary company, Hollywood Esports. Recently it unveiled its own, permanent esports venue.

Robert K. Laity, CEO of Hollywood Esports, said: “competitive video gaming has emerged as such an important form of entertainment and is attracting a large audience of enthusiastic fans and to spectate and cheer for their favorite teams and players. We are pleased to be part of this community and serve as a host to such an important international tournament.”

Over 10 million people across the globe play “Arena of Valor” every day.  Competitors at this past weekend’s event were playing for $550,000 prize money. The Korean team were the victors.

Enhanced eSports experience

Increasingly, cinema venues are looking to differentiate their offering with MediaMation’s immersive technology. The company is celebrating a successful 2018 Cinemacon trade show with two new theatre deals signed including a hybrid-esports venue in Chicago.

MMI’s MX4D Esports Theatre combines the company’s motion and special effects technology to create a platform designed to give eSports spectators and gamers an enhanced experience.

MediaMation is a leading provider of innovative technological solutions to the cinema and themed entertainment market. The company has been at the forefront of cinema solutions for over 25 years, expanding into the Esports industry in 2017.

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