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MediaMation’s MX4D® Special EFX Theatre Debuts in Beijing

mediamation mx4d cinema beijing china - new ceo to drive global growth

The first 96-seat MediaMation MX4D® Motion EFX Theatre has opened in Beijing at the legendary, 80-year old Xidan Capital Cinemas theatre, reported to be the number one-attended theatre in China. 

MX4D® is MediaMation’s uniquely branded “4D” pneumatically driven motion EFX system.  Movie goers in Beijing enjoyed the MX4D ® debut of Disney’s “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” (known as “Creating Eras” in Chinese.), shrieking with excitement when MX4D® pitch, heave and roll motion, air and water blasts, scents, leg ticklers, seat poppers and other special effects augmented the on-screen action. Eagerly awaited future MX4D® releases in this immersive new cinematic format will include “Tomorrowland, ” “San Andreas (“DoomsDay Collapse”) and “Jurassic World”.

Commenting on the launch, MMI VP/CTO Dan Jamele (below) said, “It was great to personally attend the exciting debut of Capital Cinema’s first MX4D® theatre – in Beijing, no less!  MediaMation MX4D® technology is particularly compatible to Chinese building codes and aesthetic sensibilities, so we did not have to do any renovation of the theatre building.  We are thrilled with the positive media and word-of-mouth generated by the immersive movie-going experience. Combined with ease of installation and lower maintenance costs of our systems, we are encouraged these factors will continue to fuel our MX4D® expansion in the vast Chinese cinema market.”

MediaMation MX4D® Special EFX Theatre Gala Premier in Beijing

USA-based 4D cinema maker MediaMation, Inc. and Chinese 3D equipment supplier Luxin-Rio worked together on the installation.  The two companies have also recently installed a 100 + seat theatre in the city of Nanning for Wanda Cinemas and will team up on an upcoming installation in Nanchang for Jinyi Cinemas.

Mr. Pan, General Manager of Luxin-Rio, added, “It is a milestone that the MediaMation MX4D® Motion EFX Theatre is installed in Beijing. This means the new MediaMation Motion EFX Theatre cutting-edge technology is accepted in the Chinese market.  In the future, we see this high-end 4D theatre brand capturing the largest market share in China." 

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