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Next Gen Realities: Blooloop attractions technology sessions at InfoComm

Blooloop attractions technology sessions at infocomm - next gen realities - VR

Ready player two? How are out-of-home VR attractions evolving to create experiences that will tempt gamers away from their consoles? Find out at Blooloop’s Next Gen Realities session at InfoComm 2019.

Blooloop is partnering with with Avixa to deliver a series of six hour long attractions technology sessions at world-leading audiovisual trade fair InfoComm. InfoComm is the biggest trade fair in North America for audiovisual (AV) communications professionals. Over 1,000 exhibitors and 44,000 attendees will visit the Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center on 8 to 14 June.

IS184: Next Generation Reality Experiences for Attractions

Wed 12 June 2019, 4-5pm, W304G

After the first wave of VR/AR and MR with VR gaming, Pokemon like AR, and VR augmentation on coasters, today’s visitors are looking for the new realties to bring an even deeper level of engagement. Where does the technology take us next in terms of the next gen experiences that deliver a thrill for customers and an ROI for operators?

Session content

Our expert speakers will deliver a range of viewpoints in a session which will offer interesting insights into the fast-paced VR attraction sector.

Jonathan Elkoubi has over 15 years’ experience in the attractions sector, notably with VR World NYC where a curated selection of over 50 VR attractions are presented to deliver a socially engaging experience. He will be talking about the relationship between technology and content.

Games veteran David Elton will deliver an an exploration of how video game mechanics will drive the evolution of mixed reality location-based entertainment experiences with compelling, adaptive, and responsive content.

Zero Latency created the world’s first Location-Based Free Roam VR experience. Phil Martin will be telling us about how this early entrant to a fast growing market is adapting to meet the demands of future audiences.


Jonathan ElkoubiJonathan Elkoubi, has 15+ years of strong experience in Tourism, Attractions and Entertainment. He recently founded Navew, a BizDev and Product Development consultancy, specialized in funneling visitors to attractions and landmarks in the Northeast and in AR/VR preparedness for established entertainment venues.

Jonathan started Navew in May 2019 after having successfully developed the Sales and Business Development units of VR World NYC, a unique VR-based entertainment venue located steps from the Empire State Building. He previously served as Director of Sales & Partnership for Apple-Metro/Applebee’s, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square and Director of Sales Operations for Bonjour USA. A native of France, Jonathan studied biophysics at Bar-Ilan University in Israel; he also holds a certification in Hospitality Management from Cornell University.

Dave Elton DreamcraftDave Elton is General Manager of DreamCraft Attractions. With almost 25 years in the video games industry, David’s career has spanned 6 generations of consoles, massive changes in terms of business models and introductions of many new types of gaming experiences. His experience has encompassed different roles and responsibilities, from project management and business development, through to leading creative teams and designing top rated games.

David has worked with industry giants such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Capcom and Zynga as well as small independent game companies. David now leads the Dreamcraft Attractions studio, where they create cutting edge VR and AR attractions for major location based entertainment companies.

Phil Martin Zero LatencyPhil Martin heads up the Zero Latency, North America team. Phil combines a professional background in both the technology and experiential sectors to bring a unique expertise to bear on driving the expansion of the Location-Based Free Roam VR market segment that Zero Latency created back in 2013.

A recent convert to the power in this format of digital immersion to create enduring, engaging, dynamic, shared social experiences, Phil is a passionate advocate of the Free Roam VR sector and the commercial opportunity presented by location-based VR attractions and especially spectated VR eSports.

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IS184: Next Generation Reality Experiences for Attractions

Wed 12 June 2019, 4-5pm, W304G

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