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RiseNY: museum experience and flying theatre ride opening in NYC

RiseNY is a unique and exhilarating attraction at the heart of New York City.

riseny flying theatre attraction new york

RiseNY, a state-of-the-art flying theatre attraction and museum experience created and produced by Running Subway, is set to open in New York City on December 15.

The centrepiece is a flying theatre ride that takes visitors on an aerial tour of New York. Guests are lifted into the air, their feet dangling as they experience NYC’s landmarks. Brogent Technologies, a leading manufacturer of media-based attractions, supplied the m-Ride flying theatre.

The city’s first-ever flight simulation ride is located within a 180-degree projection dome featuring 8K aerial footage that creates the sensation of flight. It also boasts full motion seats and special effects such as wind, mist and scents.

“I was inspired after riding [Soarin’ Around the World] in Disneyland with my son, and always thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to fly over and around NYC,” said James Sanna, president and CEO of Running Subway.

Experience an aerial tour of New York

“And now, over a decade later, we’ve been able to tap into the latest technology and advancements to create an experience unique to the city I love.” 

In addition, RiseNY includes an immersive film by documentarians Ric Burns and James Sanders, narrated by actor Jeff Goldblum.

Running Subway, a New York-based entertainment production company, teamed up with various cultural institutions to create museum-style exhibits for the immersive attraction.

These include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Broadcast Communications, Museum of American Finance, Skyscraper Museum, and The Museum at FIT.

NYC’s first-ever flight simulation ride

Each of the seven themed galleries (Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film) feature artefacts, memorabilia, props, costumes and and educational displays.

Highlights include Madonna’s Keith Haring jacket, the guitar that Bruce Springsteen used to write ‘Born To Run’, and Beyonce’s Bill Blass-designed gown.

“RiseNY is a unique and exhilarating attraction at the heart of New York City,” added Burns. “It’s an incredible love letter to the world’s greatest city and encapsulates the beating heart, and hub, and dazzling point of convergence that is New York.”

“Introducing a major project like this during unsteady times has been quite a challenge, but we’re very grateful to the participating museums and our partners who helped bring this project to life,” Sanna added.

Images: Running Subway

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