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Simtec provide interactive dark ride for Wanda City Movie Park, Harbin

Dark Ride Simtec

Simtec Systems has provided the new attraction at Wanda City Movie Park, plus two HEXaFLITE®s, for the vast new Chinese attraction.

The dark ride system installed at Harbin combines a traditional dark ride with the fun of competition.  The ride consists of nine trains.  Each train contains three cabins, and each cabin is designed to seat four passengers, back to back.  The passenger cabin rotates 360° in both directions.

Dark Ride SimtecThe cabins come with an interactive shooting system, audio, seat vibration and a score display. Passengers work through seven scenes, collecting points by shooting at various characters which are projected in 3D onto large screens.  The design of the individual cabins alongside the game’s storyline, can be adapted according to the needs of the clients.

In addition, two HEXaFLITE®72 Flying Theater Rides have been taken into operation. Each theatre can hold 72 visitors. The rides represent the new generation of flying theatre indoor simulators.  Visitors are tilted in front of the movie and experience a dynamic and fully immersive ride.  The spherical dome projection screen is set around a 6-DOF (six degrees of freedom) tilted motion platform.  Linear accelerations with a plus/minus of 20 degrees around all axes give visitors a realistic flying experience.

Wanda City Movie Park is one strand of Harbin Wanda City.  The series of linked attractions cover an area of 80 hectares in Harbin Songbei New District. Aside from the Wanda Movie Park, the City also boasts the world’s largest ski resort.

It also encompasses an outdoor Wanda Theme Park, Central Grand Theatre, plus a range of luxury holiday hotels and commercial centres.

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