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Universal files patent for walk-through VR experiences

VR tether Universal LLC patent

A patent filed by Universal City Studios LLC offers a new method for managing guest flow in walk-through virtual reality attractions like The Void.

The patent comes amid rife speculation surrounding the possibility of a new gate at the Orlando park.

The patent, titled “Systems and Methods for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Path Management,” proposes a method for to keep guests moving during walk-through VR attractions by connecting VR tethers to tracks above guests’ heads.

The tether would move along the track while the guests walks, then lock in place when the guest reaches the correct scene. This would prevent guests moving ahead too quickly or walking back the way they came and bumping into other guests.

Last year, Universal filed five patents for new ride systems including new developments to motion simulators. They also patented a new technology for boat rides.

Earlier this year, Universal filed four patents pointing towards new systems and methods for integrating VR and AR into rides and experiences and the resort.

This isn’t the first time Universal has filed patents pointing towards the use of AR technology on its rides. However, as journalist Brady MacDonald points out, many patents never go beyond the patent office.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

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