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The Unreal Garden presents mixed-reality art experience

unreal garden

The Unreal Garden, an experiential space in San Francisco, has created a consumer, multiuser, mixed-reality art experience.

The Unreal Garden is projected by Microsoft HoloLens and opened on October 19th.

The Unreal Garden showcases nine art installations from ten artists. Guests can become immersed in the artwork as they move around the space, seeing it from all angles and interacting with key components.

Artists displayed at the exhibit include digital painter Android Jones, artist John Park, sculptor Jasmine Pradissitto, abstract artist Andy Thomas, collaborative conceptual art duo Shuster + Moseley, imaginative zoology artist Scott Musgrove, artist Werc, interactive designer and CreateAR Founder Ray Kallmeyer and art director, motion designer and concept designer Vladislav Solovjov.

Onedome Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Leila Amirsadeghi said: “The pieces of artwork on display at The Unreal Garden transcend genres and realities – being experienced in 2D and 3D as you journey through its landscape. With artists hailing from the UK, Russia, Australia, Italy, Mexico and the US, we are truly presenting a community-driven experience to inspire and connect individuals globally and open the art world up to new demographics.”

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays the real world with the digital world, rather than replacing it in the way VR does. Recent developments may speed up progress in the industry and enhance AR’s status as a tech trend.

However, many obstacles still face development. PC Mag points out that many devices are still bulky and have limited fields of view. Interactivity is still an issue too, with more development needed in devices that can interact with the virtual world.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art recently created a huge shared AR experience inspired by the art of Rene Magritte. Other art experiences enabled by technology include Meow Wolf, teamLab and Atelier.

Images courtesy Onedome Global

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