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Location based VR adds actors for spine-tingling experience

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Chained: A Victorian Nightmare combines virtual reality with real world elements to tell the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol.

The experience opened in Los Angeles on Friday. It will run at GreatCo (1655 Beverly Blvd) until Jan. 6, 2019. It blends film, gaming, theater, and immersive technology. It has been created by MWM Immersive (Formerly Reality One), the immersive division of MWM (Madison Wells Media).

Participants enter a fully detailed Victorian-era set one at a time and are fitted with a VR headset by a professional actor. Individual audience members interact the entire time with live actors and tactile objects, allowing guests to look, feel, touch and create.

Justin Denton is the creator and director of Chained. He said: “by combining the best of VR and immersive theater, Chained surpasses the limitations of each medium and lets the audience see, converse with, and even touch the impossible. I grew up with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol but in my mind’s eye I always imagined the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future as much darker and more intense than most adaptations. Audiences will walk away from Chained as though they have just awoken from a dark and beautiful fever dream full of self discovery, fascination, fear, and wonder.”

MWM Immersive’s Executive Producer Ethan Stearns said: “Chained embodies the creative drive and spirit of everyone at MWM Immersive. It’s an experience that uses technology in the service of telling and experiencing a compelling story, not as a gimmick. At MWM Immersive we empower directors and writers to use whatever mediums are necessary to create the narrative experience they want to create and leave audiences delighted and awed.”

While innovation continues in VR, the future of attractions technology is likely to be impacted by the predicted coming of age of AR.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

I am a journalist from Essex, England. I enjoy travelling, and love exploring attractions around the world. I graduated from Lancaster University in 2018. Twitter @michael_mander.

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