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ECA blooloop Global Attraction Landscape Report v1.0

ECA and blooloop present a new resource for the Attractions Industry: the ECA blooloop Global Attraction Landscape Report.

The attractions industry is expanding and evolving rapidly, introducing new projects, players, and relationships. Covering this fast moving industry, blooloop brings attractions professionals together online and in-person with up-to-date news, interviews, commentary, and events.

Within this context, ECA and blooloop saw an opportunity to add a resource that profiles and catalogs the diverse mix of key players that are driving attraction development around the world. This is an idea that grew out of many conversations with industry professionals interested in understanding the mix of operators, relationships, and projects that define the attractions industry.
With our first release of this resource (‘1.0’), the ECA-blooloop Global Attraction Landscape, we explore how this information can be organized, presented, and shared. The focus of this version 1.0 is large-scale parks, including a diverse set of theme, amusement, cultural, and marine parks. Composed as a collection of profiles, the report is organized into three sections – 15 leading operators, 10 emerging players, and 5 other pipeline projects to watch.
The profiles include company descriptions, existing and pipeline projects, and important partnerships with a focus on notable intellectual property integration. The ECA team worked to present current information, but with a focused scope for this initial version and a fast moving and evolving industry some data and information was excluded and other information may become outdated between updates to the landscape.
Keeping pace with an expanding portfolio of players is an exciting challenge. ECA and blooloop look forward to updating and growing the Global Attraction Landscape with the feedback from the attractions community.
To share feedback, comments, and questions please email We look forward to hearing from you.
Report designed by Katapult.

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