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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – 18 secret messages hidden in Oga’s Cantina

There are many secret messages hidden in plain sight at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

brady mcdonald

However, it would be easy to overlook these if you don’t read Aurebesh.

By Brady MacDonald

Fortunately, we’re fluent in the Star Wars language. We’ve translated the secret messages on the cantina’s code of conduct sign and notice board. 

Oga’s Cantina is the local watering hole in the new Star Wars-themed lands in California and Florida. Oga Garra is the cantina’s proprietor and a local crime boss who controls the underworld in the Black Spire Outpost village. The cantina is located on the Star Wars planet of Batuu, the setting for the 14-acre lands.

Walt Disney Imagineering has filled the wretched hive of scum and villainy with inside jokes. These are designed to delight and amuse hard-core Star Wars fans.

Join us as we translate the Aurebesh into English and then decode the meanings behind the secret messages.

Secret Messages Oga's Cantina Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Translating the Code of Conduct at Oga’s Cantina

Secret Messages Oga's Cantina Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Here are the seven rules listed in Aurebesh on the code of conduct sign near the front entrance of Oga’s Cantina: 

  • Kowakian monkey-lizards are prohibited
  • No staring
  • No fighting, biting or tearing off of limbs
  • Take nothing, leave nothing
  • Clean up after your animal, creature or droid
  • Wookiees: Two drink maximum. No exceptions.
  • Oga Garra’s approval needed for all deals over 10,000 credits

Decoding the secret messages in the Code of Conduct at Oga’s Cantina

The code of conduct for Oga’s Cantina contains secret messages and references to the “Star Wars” films and the Galaxy’s Edge themed land.

The Toydarian Toymaker shop in Galaxy’s Edge sells Kowakian monkey-lizard dolls that sit on visitors’ shoulders. The rambunctious court jester pet of Jabba the Hutt cackles when you hold him.

The “no staring” rule comes up at Maz’s Castle, the local watering hole in “The Force Awakens.” Han Solo warns, “Whatever you do, don’t stare.”

It’s wise for Oga to have a rule forbidding “tearing off of limbs” with all the Wookiees in Galaxy’s Edge. Han Solo advised C-3PO that it’s best to let Wookiees win at Dejarik. Because Wookiees pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose.

The “take nothing” rule was clairvoyant on the part of Walt Disney Imagineering. Galaxy’s Edge has had a problem with visitors stealing anything without a price tag. From sporks in Docking Bay 7 to color-coded flight crew cards for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon

Unlike the cantina in Mos Eisley, Oga allows droids in her spaceport bar. As long as you clean up after them.

Wookiees have the same two-drink maximum as all Galaxy’s Edge visitors. Disneyland reserves the right to enforce the unusual drink maximum and a 45-minute time limit in the bar if Oga’s Cantina gets busy.

As the crime boss on Batuu, it makes sense that Oga would want a cut from any big deals made in her cantina.

Translating the secret messages on the Notice Board

Secret Messages Oga's Cantina Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Here are the 11 messages in Aurebesh on the notice board inside Oga’s Cantina: 

  • Flight Crews Wanted. No training necessary, fair pay, great experience. Discretion a must. Inquire at Ohnaka Transport Solutions in the spaceport.
  • Found. Dusty black vest with multiple pockets in the Corellian style.
  • Lost Tooka. Responds to “Luma.” Reward: Keep her.
  • Someone owe you? I collect. Ask for Harkos.
  • Cantina Presents. Joh Yowza (of former Max Rebo Band) in a rare solo performance! Sail Barge Blues.
  • Missed Connection. You wore a tight, black hood and your friend called you “Chaakrabbit.” You shot me a death stare and I knew you were the one. Buy you a drink sometime?
  • Seeking Work? Check your datapad for jobs. No experience needed. You’re hired! Steady work and fair credits. Droids need not apply.
  • Land speeder landlocked? See Salju at Black Spire Station.
  • Dejarik Holochess Board. Well used, but in perfect working condition. $140 OBO
  • Mechanic Wanted! Experience with Chandrilan class 1 starships required. Ability to speak Shyriiwook a plus. Contact Captain R. Keevan of the Halcyon, CSL
  • Runaway Droid. Grumpy orange C1 unit last seen outside the Droid Depot.  If spotted, inform staff.
Black-Spire-Outpost-Main-Entrance Star Wars Galaxys Edge photos blooloop

Decoding the secret messages on the Notice Board in Oga’s Cantina

The notice board in Oga’s Cantina makes references to films and TV shows in the “Star Wars” universe as well as Galaxy’s Edge shops and attractions.

Pirate smuggler Hondo Ohnaka is constantly looking for new “flight crews”. These are to help him move illicit cargo aboard the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction.

There’s a good chance that dusty black vest in the “Corellian style” belongs to Han Solo. The Star Wars planet of Corellia is the homeworld of the stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.

A Tooka is a breed of Loth Cat. This cuddly creature features in the Disney animated series “Star Wars Rebels”. An audio-animatronic Loth Cat naps in the Creature Stall at Galaxy’s Edge. The name Luma refers to a handheld glow stick used by miners in the Star Wars universe.

Cocktail canisters at Oga's Cantina

Bounty hunters, bands and romance

Harkos is a grumpy bounty hunter who frequents Oga’s Cantina. Crash the Millennium Falcon on the Smugglers Run flight simulator at your own risk. Harkos might tap you on the shoulder looking for the galactic credits you owe Hondo.

The Max Rebo Band played Jabba the Hutt’s palace in “Return of the Jedi”. Joh Yowza from the forest moon of Endor was a singer in the band.

The missed connection on the notice board refers to the bounty hunter Bazine Netal in “The Force Awakens.” The female mercenary from the Star Wars planet of Chaaktil wears a tight black hood. She goes by the nickname Chaakrabbit.

The Galaxy’s Edge Datapad app features a series of interactive smartphone games tied to the 14-acre themed land. The games transform Galaxy’s Edge into an immersive real-world role-playing universe. Here, players collect galactic credits and unlock extra layers of the land’s backstory. A jobs board in the app lets players complete missions.

Secret Messages Oga's Cantina Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Intergalactic mechanics and grumpy droids

Salju runs the Black Spire Station land speeder garage across from the Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge. Salju will help you find the part you need.

Visitors will find a Dejarik holochess board in the main hold of the Millennium Falcon on the Smugglers Run attraction. Wooden versions of the chess-like board game are also for sale Galaxy’s Edge.

Prospective starship mechanics need to speak Shyriiwook, a Wookiee language. The Chandrilan class starship references the Star Wars planet of Chandrila, the homeworld of Kylo Ren.

Galaxy's Edge Droids

The grumpy runaway droid could be an orange C1-unit astromech known as Chopper. The sarcastic and cranky C1-10P maintains the Ghost light freighter in the “Star Wars Rebels” television series.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at Disneyland and officially debuts Aug. 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Florida park is hosting cast member and annual pass holder previews of Galaxy’s Edge prior to the official grand opening.

Images kind courtesy of Brady MacDonald and Disney Parks.

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