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Ankapark to open in Turkey in March

ankapark turkey

Turkey’s capital city, Ankara, will open (what the Daily Sabah calls:) “the largest theme park in Europe” in March, called Ankapark.

According to Daily Sabah, Ankapark will have a large outdoor area as well as an indoor park. There will be heated tents to allow rides to operate in all weathers.

The newspaper also reports the theme park will have 28 big rides – among many more smaller rides.

Ankapark Enterprises General Director Cem Uzan said that three Turkish companies and one Chinese firm won the tender made for Ankapark.

The park will be built by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Uzan said: “We are planning to open Ankapark in the spring. I do not think that we will delay it.”

German-based audit firm TÜV will safety test the rides. Uzan said: “We open the huge rides in accompany with supervisors of the firms. There are some procedures and rules for it. Supervisors examine everything including the wheels of the rides, welding areas and junction points one by one. Then, we are given a certificate. After this certificate, we apply to TÜV. If the result of our application is positive, we open it for the service of people.”

90% of the rides were bought from European firms, with the other 10% bought from China and Turkey.

The theme park will also feature party rooms and cafeterias. There will be restaurants offering cuisines from Japan, China and Italy.

The theme park will now work to attract tourists from the Middle East, China and Russia. Uzan said: “We try to improve tourism activities in Ankara. Our Chinese partners will bring nearly 500,000 Chinese tourists. Our aim is to bring Russian and Middle Eastern ones. If more tourists come here in this context, Ankara will have a proper income, developing its touristic structure. Thus, we will establish another income source for Ankara.”

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Michael Mander

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