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24 hour theme park opens in Hainan Island, China

haichang fantasy town hainan island

China’s first 24-hour theme park, Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town, has opened in Hainan Island.

Haichang Ocean Park Holdings officially opened the Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town park three weeks after a “soft” launch.

The recreation complex has an area of about 232,500 square meters. It features eight creative themed areas: Haitang Bay, the African Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Bay of Bengal, the Java Sea, the South China Sea, the Waterfront Promenade, and the Dream Ocean Theater.

There are 13 major attractions, two grand theatre shows, eight themed restaurants, over 50 specialty restaurants and 30 themed shops.

Development in the region

Hainan has been a special economic zone for 30 years. In September, the province announced a number of of brand-name theme parks and other resorts.

The region is also set to benefit from new legislation. Beijing “began to look at” allowing gambling on the island last year, and also increased the number of countries whose citizens could enter visa-free.

Other companies are capitalising on the development in the region. US car-rental company Avis Budget Group will set up its China headquarters in Hainan province. Star Cruises plans to develop more island cruise tours, starting from the port of Haikou.

China has already invested billions of dollars into new roads, high-speed railways and other projects in Hainan, attracting prominent chains such as Hilton, Westin and St Regis.

Hainan is the smallest and southernmost province of China, made up of various islands in the South China Sea. It has a tropical climate and is known for beautiful beaches.

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