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“Horrors of Blumhouse” returns to Horror Nights with new mazes

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“The Horrors of Blumhouse ” is returning to Universals’ Halloween Horror Nights, bringing the movies of Jason Blum to life in new mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort will unleash some of Blum’s most terrifying films produced under the Blumhouse banner.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, “The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two” maze takes guests on a journey starting at a dilapidated movie theatre, where a compilation of horror films play out in real life. In Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, guests will discover an ancient curse that has been unleashed by a group of unsuspecting college students, forcing them to play a game where the stakes are life and death. In Unfriended, guests become pawns to a supernatural entity that has invaded a chat room. The final scene will draw inspiration from Blumhouse Productions’ infamous opening title sequence: featuring a creepy old house that is actually a paranormal world filled with real-life nightmares.

At Universal Orlando Resort, “The Horrors of Blumhouse” maze will recreate the most gruesome scenes from the déjà vu thriller Happy Death Day, as well as from The First Purge, the newest film in The Purge series. In Happy Death Day, guests will visit the film’s college town, where they will be forced to relive the last day of a student’s life over and over again until she breaks the murderous cycle. Then, in The First Purge, guests will run for their lives as menacing citizens from the film hunt them in a country where all crime is declared legal for 12 hours.

Stars of their own horror film

For over 25 years, guests from around the world have visited Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Orlando. There, they can become the stars of their own horror film. Guests can visit movie-quality mazes based on iconic horror TV shows, films and original stories. The streets also become highly-themed scare zones.

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights have become a firm fixture for autumn, running for over 25 years. The parks transform into immaculately-themed scare zones with terrifyingly realistic ‘scare-actors’ emerging from dark corners.

Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will also feature mazes based on 2007 cult classic Trick ‘r Treat and the iconic supernatural film, Poltergeist.

Universal Orlando has also revealed that its event will feature Michael MyersStranger ThingsKiller Klowns and Chucky.

Image Courtesy Universal.

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