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Disneyland Paris adds new storylines to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

twilight zone tower of terror

Disneyland Paris has unveiled the new frights, storylines and experiences taking place at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, as Halloween 2019 approaches.

Tom Fitzgerald, senior creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, shared more information about the three new storylines developed for the ride.

Fitzgerald said “storytelling has been central to the success of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”, with guests placed in the storyline of an episode of the series.

“In the library scene, guests would learn the backstory of what happened so many years ago, then be invited to board those same service elevators to cross over into the Twilight Zone themselves,” he added.

Walt Disney Imagineering expands the spooky storyline

twilight zone tower of terror

The attraction at Disney Studios Park now has an expanded storyline, as well as a new story thread and ride sequences.

“And this ‘special edition’ of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is unique to Disneyland Paris,” said Fitzgerald.

He also opened up about why Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been reimagined now, revealing the story for the new edition started “years ago” at Walt Disney World “when Imagineers created new ride profiles for the existing attraction”.

“For Disneyland Paris, the Imagineering team took it one step further, by not only adding new, more thrilling ride profiles, but adding new story sequences that extend the original story.”

Special edition of the ride is ‘unique to Disneyland Paris’

twilight zone tower of terror

As for enhancements to the storyline, the TV sequence in the library scene features a young girl who has now become a starring character in the ride, warning guests not to cross over into the Twilight Zone.

Fitzgerald said: “When we fail to heed her warning, thrills follow!”

Walt Disney Imagineering has also added new illusions, media sequences and audio soundtracks to create the different show and ride sequences.

“It’s always a challenge to go back into a classic attraction and make changes,” Fitzgerald added. “But advances in technology and storytelling made it hard to resist revisiting, and building on the original storyline and show.

New illusions, soundtracks and media sequences

“We’re excited that fans and first-time visitors to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will now have three times the fun in answering the question, ‘Are You Brave Enough!'”

He said early reactions from guests have been “incredible”, with lines from the new storyline “becoming iconic with fans”.

In the US, Walt Disney Imagineering has created an immersive attraction called the Epcot Experience, for visitors to get a look Walt Disney World’s historic transformation of Epcot.

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