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Gateway Ticketing Systems Installs Ticketing Sales System at Sundown Adventureland


Gateway Ticketing Systems, admission control and ticketing software supplier, has installed a new ticketing system at Sundown Adventureland in Nottinghamshire, UK, bringing benefits for the park and guests. 

Sundown Adventureland theme park’s visitors are typically families with children younger than 10 years old.  The park hosts a Christmas Spectacular event which was the catalyst for bringing in Gateway’s new ticketing system. 

Paul Tomlinson, Park Manager at Sundown Adventureland, said, “Primarily we were looking for a proven ticketing system that could manage our online web bookings for the Christmas Spectacular here at Sundown Adventureland. This is a massive event for us and it is totally controlled by the booking system. I knew Gateway’s Galaxy system was used worldwide in a lot of big theme parks so felt sure it could help us too.”

The new system, which was installed in six weeks, has already delivered improvements in throughput times at the entrance gate and online web sales and a significant increase in online bookings.  Sundown had previously encountered problems with double bookings online, but with the new Gateway’s Galaxy system, transactions are fast and simple to complete and online sales are live into the onsite database with print at home tickets and no risk of double bookings.

Tomlinson added, “When the system was demonstrated to us I instantly liked the POS terminals’ ease of use and the flexibility of the system in regards to tailoring it to our individual needs. I think the pedigree of the Gateway system outshone a lot of its competitors and this is why we chose this booking system. The support, training and back-up seemed very good and has proven to be exceptional further down the line.”

The installation was carried out by Gateway UK, who offer the full range of Gateway’s revenue management solutions for general admission ticketing for the attraction, amusement and transportation industries.

Andy Povey, Gateway, UK operations director said, “We are very happy with the installation at Sundown Adventureland and the fact that it is achieving exactly what the park required. The previous system that was in place suffered from very slow transaction times, a complicated online booking process and was incapable of handling timed bookings for the park’s Christmas ride, among other things, so we have been able to overcome all these issues with our system.

“All transactions are now quick and simple to complete while we also trained all cashiers on the day of opening, including one of 83 years old, which gives an indication of how user friendly it is. The many benefits of the system will certainly make life a lot easier and more efficient for both the park and its visitors.”

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