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Gulliver’s Land Partners with Paragon to Install World’s First HiLo Challenge Dome


Gulliver’s Land theme park in Milton Keynes has collaborated with Paragon Entertainment’s licensing division to design, build and install the world’s first HiLo Challenge Dome.

The innovative new challenge course will open to the public at the beginning of October.

Paragon HiLo at Gullivers Land

The HiLo Challenge Dome is a geodesic dome structure that is intrinsically strong with fantastic energy efficiency.  An innovative rope course stretches 44 feet across the dome at a height of up to 37 feet offering high and low level activities within the same footprint.   The result is an all-weather low cost attraction suitable for family entertainment centres, play centres and leisure facilities with a unique atmosphere.

Kimberly Toogood, President at HiLo Challenge Domes comments:  “We are thrilled to be working with the team at Paragon Entertainment to bring the Hilo Challenge Dome to Gulliver’s Land. The Gulliver’s brand is a perfect fit for the Hilo Challenge dome and we look forward to seeing the benefits that this innovative and unique attraction adds to their offering” 

Paragon Entertainment’s licensing division has the exclusive rights to distribute and sell the HiLo Challenge Dome across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Paragon HiLo at Gullivers Land

Mark Pyrah, CEO of Paragon Entertainment says, “When we first were introduced to the HiLo Challenge Dome we knew it was something that we wanted to introduce to a wider audience. It’s such a unique attraction that can benefit leisure facilities, whatever the size and budget. Hilo is the only attraction housing that can be both indoors and outdoors – depending on the cover.”

The Paragon team have created an attraction that is completely tailored to Gulliver’s guests.

Pyrah explains, “These incredible Geodesic domes can be customized to fit in a range of attraction offerings such as an exciting high ropes course. Covers can be completely customizable dependent on the operator needs and sizes range from 16ft to over 70ft.  Putting a high ropes course in a 70 ft HiLo creates over 34 activities on 3 levels and you still have the ground floor.

“Thanks to is unique shape and multipurpose function you can have a challenge course installed over a service area, retail or a food and beverage offering. It’s the perfect solution for operators looking to create an exciting, indoor attraction that is outside – particularly handy in countries like the UK where the weather is –at best- unpredictable.

Gulliver’s Theme Parks have seen the potential that this innovative concept has for its audience and the positive impact it promises for its overall business offering. We continue to work closely with the team to bring other exciting and original attractions to each of the UK parks.”

Gulliver’s Land Partners with Paragon to Install World’s First HiLo Challenge Dome

In addition to the HiLo Challenge Dome, Paragon Entertainment has also collaborated with Gulliver’s Theme Park to bring a selection of other branded concepts to the popular family resorts, including the recently launched Nerf Zone at Gulliver’s World in Warrington as well as similar Nerf attractions at the Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath locations.

Pyrah continues: “Since launching the licensing division in 2013, we have developed a strong portfolio of branded concepts to license to owners and operators of visitor attractions, play centres and family entertainment centres. We are committed to creating unique, dynamic experiences unlike anything else out there. Adding real value to businesses who are looking to enhance their current leisure offering and attract footfall.”

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