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Holovis Provides Ultra-Large-Scale 4D Immersive Theatre for Hot-Go, China

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World leader in sensory experience design, Holovis, has provided a turn-key immersive 4D theatre for Hot Go theme-park in Fushun, China.

Hot Go is currently being developed as one of the country’s largest lifestyle and entertainment destinations with projected daily visitor numbers of 80, 000.

Holovis has used its ImmersiveTheatre technology and ultra-large-scale screen format to create a wrap-around 4D guest experience. The fully immersive 180° setup, combined with a full 4D suite of effects, delivers what the company claims is “a ride that has just as much thrill as a coaster but can be enjoyed by the whole family”.

“This attraction will be truly the next generation of 4D theatre in this market, ” says Qiang Wei, Head of Procurement, Hot Go. “Today theme parks have to compete with the high levels of technology and immersion that our guests have available to them in their homes and therefore we have to be able to offer something unique and on a different scale and sensory level, using the very latest technology. Guests want to be transported to virtual worlds where they can really believe in the story presented around them and make them feel they are part of the experience and within it, instead of passively watching from the outside in.”

Unlike other installations of this kind, Holovis are utilising five DLP laser projectors from Digital Projection to create the huge 180° ultra-high-resolution image.

The specialist 3D content for the 200-seat theatre is being created by Holovis Media and will offer a selection of different stories to keep the attraction fresh and increase ride repeatability.

“From a technical and creative perspective this is the next generation of 4D Theatre where all-immersive storytelling is delivered with significant hardware cost savings, reliability and reduced maintenance, ” comments Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis. “This approach ensures a unique multi-sensory attraction for our guests with everyone at the centre of the experience being completely immersed using stunning clear and consistent visuals, accurately synchronised motion and special effects.”

The attraction is slated to open at the end of 2015.

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