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Holovis Showcase Dark Ride VR at Asian Attractions Expo, Hong Kong


Holovis Attractions will showcase its state-of-the-art immersive dark ride experiences at IAAPA’s Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) in Hong Kong this week.

The trade show starts on 17th and runs to 19th June, with Holvovis Attractions on booth #1738.

Employing 360° filming techniques and virtual reality, attractions – designed and installed by Holovis earlier in the year – have had the experience captured and these will be will be highlighted through the use of Oculus Rift headsets. 

Once the AAE is finished, these will be uploaded to the Oculus download store and will be the first genuine ride experiences to have ever been recreated on this platform, a world first for Holovis.

Holovis provides turnkey solutions and are a world leader in creating highly immersive attractions, in which the combination of audio and visual effects produce a unique and memorable experience for the rider.  Riders fined themselves in a convincing virtual world and the synchronisation of real-world motion and special effects creates an unforgettable experience.

Increasing Repeatability

With this experience enhanced by Holovis Attraction’s complementary technologies, such as InterAct™, a highly accurate interactive shooting system,  riders can choose both the game they wish to play, and direction the story takes them. This means that every ride experience is unique which has a significant impact on ride repeatability.

The whole experience, which takes place in full size CAVES utilising head mounted displays, is brought to life with Holovis Attraction’s own proprietary visualisation tool, RideView™.

Stuart Hetherington, Holovis CEO says,  “It has been a great year for us with installations taking place in China, throughout Europe and in the US, from large scale rides such as Belgium’s first immersive tunnel attraction in Bobbejaanland to an ImmersiveTheatre™ on a 12 seat motion platform with our InterAct™ gaming technology and 180° degree immersive visuals to create the first shopping centre and FEC experience in Harbin, China

“We will be building on these successful installations by showing how new experiences can be designed, developed and delivered through our proprietary VR ride platform visualisation technology, which we will be showcasing at the 2015 Asia Attractions Expo in Hong Kong.”

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