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IdeAttack Unveils Design for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China


Phase one including $250m Five Dreams Theme Park under construction

IdeAttack, Inc, specialists in the planning and design of large scale mixed-use developments, custom theme parks, cultural attractions and destination resorts, latest trend immersive entertainment environments, sports entertainment facilities and eco-friendly residential complexes,  have revealed details of their latest project.

The $550million, 224ha (553 acre) Liudong Tourism Zone is the ambitious plan of the Government of Liudong who are looking to develop a sophisticated tourism zone on a par with those in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

IdeAttack has been brought in by the Government to help in the creation and implementation of this amazing project, intended to be the premier tourism destination in the Guangxi Province.

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The $385million first phase of the project is currently under construction and is set for completion in 2017 and comprises a theme park, a water park, commercial center and outlet center.  Phase two of the project includes a themed hotel and conference center, corporate villas and enterprise club, a creative industries center and an eco park.

See showcase here.

Phase One

Theme Park “Five Dreams Kingdom” – $250 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $250m Five Kingdoms Theme Park, Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Five Dreams Kingdom Theme Park features five unique lands: Fantasy Promenade, Future Zone, Auto-World, Adventure Land and Cloud Garden, each of them representing a distinct dynamic experience celebrating dreams, travel, discovery and adventure. The grand entrance to the park, featuring a stylized glass Cloud Gate held by a golden structure, is the point of departure into the world of five unique adventures.

Zone 1: Fantasy Promenade

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

Fantasy Promenade is the main pedestrian artery of the park, meandering from the main entrance gate to the Castle viewing plaza.  The architectural style of the street is inspired by unique textures, colors and motifs of the Liuzhou stones.


The iconic structure of Five Dreams Kingdom is the Dream Castle, inspired by the natural symbols of the region and bringing to life the Liuzhou stone heritage.  The base of the Dream Castle is inspired by the rolling hills of Guangxi province and Liuzhou stones with waterfalls, grottos and Guangxi greenery, giving the impression of a Castle growing up from the unique base and turning into a dreamy, stunning, structure. The domes of the Castle resemble pieces of precious jewelry adorned with light membrane-like patterns.  At night they are illuminated from the inside creating an unforgettable visual effect.  Surrounding the lake are the entrances to the other lands of the theme park, with landscaped green clusters in between, each with carefully chosen planting, small gazebos, seating areas and food stalls in the style of the Castle. 

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

Aside from its iconic visual impact, the Castle is home to several attractions: the Space Shot Ride, the walk-up observation deck and café and the Grotto Boat Ride (a specially designed boat rides through the grottos of the Castle where mystery sounds, simple projections on natural materials, including steam and waterfalls, and magic, colorful lights entertain the visitors.)

VISION DIGITAL MAZE “The Mystery Museum”

The Digital Maze is a walk-through attraction with interactive exhibits themed like a classic national museum.  The façade of the Grand Museum is decorated with statues and reliefs inspired by the themed of the Fantasy Promenade.  The museum contains exhibits from the imaginary natural history, archeology and artists of the zone.


The show, floating on a “seabed” water stage, will use music, dance, water movements, acrobatics, flight, light tricks, hydraulics and exquisite costuming to create a lavish dream scene.

SCENE 4D THEATER “FantaSea Show” 4D

The 4D Theater will be a themed attraction featuring an animated story about an underwater world with mermaids and other creatures from legends and mythology, threatened by a huge kraken.

MAGIC THEATER “The Grand Theater”

The Magic Theater will show a mystic opera performance with specially designed fantasy costumes, optical illusions and other special effects.

360 SPHERON THEATER “Dream Sphere”

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

This dream like experience draws on traditional Chinese myths and legends with music, rhythms and sounds presented like a modern music video with co-ordinated visual and sound effects.

THEMED SPACE SHOT “The Castle’s Tour”

The Castle’s Tour attraction is located in the Castle’s main tower.  Starting in the basement of the castle, inspired by Liuzhou stones, the tour continues to the upper levels passing through kitchen and storeroom, grand ballroom, the King and Queen’s chambers to the Princess’ room at the very top.


Some additional off-the-shelf  rides themed to tie in with the fantasy area: Frog Jump,  Golden Cup, Climbing Car, Rotating Bee, Fruit Cyclone, Children Train, Mermaid, Haunted House


Featuring fantasy creatures


A fairy girl and boy are the hosts of this show in which children will learn some special magic tricks, inspiring kids to learn in a creative, fun and practical way.

Zone 2: Future Zone

The theme of the Future Zone is science and technology.  The overall architectural style of this zone is a High-Tech/ Futuristic City.  This zone features two main attractions – Suspended Theater and Disaster Theater – as well as four off-the-shelf rides themed accordingly.


IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The façade of this attraction is themed as the entrance into a fallout shelter in a devastated city surrounded by wrecked buildings, freeways, signage, a taxi, a train, a bridge and an airplane.  At night special lighting will create burning effect in the background.  The attraction highlights potential end of the world scenarios for Planet Earth,  either man made (global warming, nuclear disaster) or natural (giant volcano, meteorite, earthquake, tsunami).  

The queue area is themed as a shelter with visitors taking a tour starting with a movie about an international space ship offering emergency evacuation from Earth in the event of a catastrophe.  Suddenly, an earthquake starts, emergency alarms sound and the visitors are forced to take special capsules to escape the disaster.  As they take off they see the destruction of the city and volcanoes.  The space ship takes them on a search for a home on another planet.

SUSPENDING THEATER “Flying Over Future Cities of China”

Suspending Theater is a futuristic journey over hi-tech cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou), “hovering cities” in the Earth’s orbit and hi-tech mines deep in the Earth, Moon Station etc. 


Sky Flyer (Orbit Space Retro theme)
Themed Tilt-Over (Themed as a Giant Robot)
Double-Deck Sliding Plate (An electrical extravaganza with visual effects resembling Tesla coil effects)
Frisbee (Themed in the style of a future Space Ride)

Zone 3: Auto-World

This part of the theme park is inspired by the auto industry and car design for which Liuzhou is famous.


Scenic China is a car journey through replicas of China’s most scenic roads. Part of the attraction is indoor with scenes suitable for presentation using dark ride special effects and lighting, and part is an outdoor with miniature landscapes.  Visitors can watch documentaries or access interactive exhibits about places featured in the ride in the visitor center.

TIMING FLY “The Flying Car of Liudong”

A seemingly ordinary taxi cab takes off and flies over downtown, factories and the countryside before touring the Theme Park and entering the ride building in a dramatic and memorable way.

MAGIC PLATE “Engine Power Journey” 

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Magic Plate is a unique intense, visual, audio and special effect experience where visitors are virtually passing through the powerful car engine.


IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Liuzhou speedway Launch Coaster is a thrilling experience on one of the fastest  rides in the world.


A bumper cars attraction set in a cartoony style, eco-friendly, gas station together with an interactive drive-through car wash.

Zone 4: Adventure Land

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

In this zone the dream of travel around the world becomes reality, with theming inspired by the seven continents of the world.

GIANT SCREEN 3D “Expedition Antarctica” 

Expedition Antarctica follows an expedition organized to save lost explorers and sends visitors on a flight over Antarctica before going underwater, taking a snowmobile ride and hitting a snow storm.

VISION DROP RIDE “Secrets of the Stone Castle” 

This vertical ride explores a deserted medieval European castle where visitors encounter ghosts, ogres and vampires in a quest to free the good Spirit of the Castle.

GAME DARK RIDE “Treasure Hunters” 

This dynamic interactive journey takes visitors to a lost Asian temple in the jungle to collect hidden treasures using a special hand held treasure. The more treasures they collect, the more points they will be able to redeem for a prize from the State Archeology Department in the exit store.

FLYING THEATER “Fly Over North America” 

This adventurous jet ride starts in the Mohave desert where visitors become test pilots for a jet plane and fly around the sights of North America.  The sets are “retro” looking, from 1950-60.

THEMED WATER RIDE “Amazon River Adventures” 

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

This flume ride is an exciting themed water ride inspired by lost civilizations of South America and Mesoamerica and the rainforests of the Amazon river basin.  The ride has two splash drops and the water channel is constructed in the theme of ruins of lost civilizations.  Climb up and drop points are indicated with “themed gates” through which boats pass.  The attraction is set in rich rainforest vegetation supported by series of effects such as dripping water, animal animatronics with sounds (jaguar, toucan, anaconda, parrots, sloths, tapirs etc.), mist, thatched tree houses and hanging bridges etc. The entrance and queue is themed upon Mayan ruins of Tikal. The boats are themed upon straw boats of Uros floating islands on the Lake Titicaca.  

MINE TRAIN “Safari Express” 

This family roller coaster is themed around the culture, landscape and animals of Africa, running through the rock formations, tall grass and baobab trees of the savanna with animal animatronics (elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, wildebeest).  

CRAZY MOUSE “Boomerang Ride” 

This Australian Outback themed spinning coaster is set in a canyon of red rock and features numerous details such as real actors blowing traditional didgeridoo and demonstrating boomerang skills, animatronics (kangaroo, crocodile, emu, koala etc.), a jeep, tent (queue), windmill, etc.  

Zone 5: Cloud Garden

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

Envisioned as more tranquil and quieter area of the theme park, the Cloud Garden occupies part of the hill overlooking the project site. On the highest point lies the Spiritual Pavilion, designed in eclectic Asian style, reached either by a funicular or by climbing up a meandering path surrounded by a field of flowers.  Visitors can stroll through several terraces featuring small gazebos, tea houses and cafes.  In the small valley behind Spiritual Pavilion is a hedge maze.

Water Park “Laurasia– a Prehistoric Water Park” – $80 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The water park zone is themed around the prehistoric ancient continent of this region, Laurasia.

Key features will include:

  • “Walk of the Dinosaurs”, a circular promenade with dinosaurs’ foot prints in the pavement
  • Wave Pool and Beach, Lagoon and Lazy River
  • Kids play area with miniature baby dinosaurs
  • Live performances with real fire
  • Themed slides and ponds
  • Cave Maze (walk-through) incorporated with Lazy River
  • Volcano Show
  • Animatronic Dinosaurs – some of them in the water
  • Greenery that mimics prehistoric time, such as ferns, strange palm trees, ginkgo biloba
  • Jurassic Camp for families to stay overnight and have the behind the scene tour

Commercial Center “Horticulture Expo”- $25 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Commercial Center is an outdoor ecological experience.   The vision is that it will be a destination promoting sustainable design with a minimal environmental destructive impact and lots of outdoor activities: light structures well blended with the horticulture surroundings; eye-appealing contemporary forms; natural materials such as wood and stone; pleasant places to take a stroll covered with light membranes; small floor fountains; food and ice cream carts and small retail kiosks.  At night, the area will be illuminated with glitzy lighting effects to create the atmosphere of an everlasting holiday. 

Outlet Center – $30 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The shopping outlet center is a themed retail destination inspired by stones of Guangxi Province.  Besides shops and restaurants this destination will also feature office space on the upper levels of the mall.  The Outlet Mall will contain: 

  • A series of shallow ponds, each featuring a large piece of the special Liuzhou stone, some of them will be fountains lit at night.
  • A family resort inspired by stone culture of Liuzhou, connected with the bridge to the Conference Center.
  • Boardwalk
  • Light House
  • Water taxi (station in the family resort and outlet mall)
  • Monorail – running between the station at the parking lot

Phase Two

Themed Hotel and Conference Center – $50 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Conference Center is designed to enhance the business environment by creating a pleasant, green, relaxed space suitable for a variety of business events.  The organic architectural style of the complex is inspired by the shape of Guangxi hills.  Glass surfaces and eco-friendly materials ensure bright, pleasant spaces inside. The complex incorporates all elements of green technology and sustainable design, with ecological materials used throughout in the building, solar trees (with solar panels) and wind turbines. 

Some features of the Conference Center include outdoor garden auditoriums, presentation pavilions, a business center with “green offices”, a media center and a luxury hotel, spa and sport facilities.

Corporate Villas & Enterprise Club – $30 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

This complex contains a villa community and a complex of individual business units. The Villa Community is envisioned as a super-luxury, water-inspired complex with a view of the lake. The Enterprise Club comprises individual business units, each presented as a water pavilion with a pool, 3-4 floors, an atrium and a small boat dock. The Reception Area connected by paths with villas contains a club, restaurant, small shop, beauty parlor, spa, a couple of souvenir shops and golf carts.

Creative Industry Center: Car Culture – $70 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

This part of the project is a commercial, retail, dining, office and entertainment complex celebrating car culture. The architectural style of this area is inspired by car expo designs. As well as retail and dining content, this zone will also feature showrooms of famous car brands and the car design center school. 

Eco Park – $15 million

IdeAttack Unveils Designs for $550m Liudong Tourism Zone, Guangxi Province, China

The Eco Park is a “green lung” for the Liudong Tourism Project.  Key features of the Eco Park include bicycle paths, small commercial center, tea house, natural material sculpture garden, Segway, people powered zip-line, sport field (volleyball, badminton, tennis, basketball).

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