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Intamin launches new record-breaking coaster at Luna Park

First coaster of its type by European manufacturer breaks records in Australia

Intamin Big Dipper Luna Park Train

Intamin, a creator of record-breaking amusement rides, has announced the installation of the world’s first launched single-rail coaster at a classic Australian amusement park.

Named the “Big Dipper”, the manufacturer’s first Hot Racer model opened at Sydney’s Luna Park on Boxing Day (26 December 2021). Intamin’s coaster is the new central icon of the attraction’s largest-ever multiple ride investment within a short time period.

Big Dipper combines two launches with ten thrilling elements, with Intamin tasked to create an exciting ride with a compact layout. The single rail coaster stretches over two main park areas, resulting in both Australia’s fastest and tallest multi-launch coaster. 

Two seven-seater, race car themed inline-seating trains have made their debut, sitting one across. The cars’ integral ergonomic shaped seats and over-the-shoulder-lap-bar, ensures an ideal combination of freedom and comfort for riders, in combination with the highest level of safety for the passengers.

Intamin Big Dipper Hot Racer Roller Coaster Train

Dipping and diving

Intamin Big Dipper Luna Park Hot Racer Track

Big Dipper begins with the train leaving the station and pivoting left into a rolling first launch, before speeding into a Stengel-dive and a zig-zag double-down providing ample airtime for riders.

The boost section accelerates the train towards a top speed of 72 kilometres per hour, propelling the train towards a large non-inverting loop, resulting in a sidewinder inversion.

Riders are then delivered a -0.3g airtime hill, followed by a series of high-speed s-curves passing over a fly-over wave turn with the train then inverting a second time with a flat spin.

The coaster concludes with a 180-degree turn and a twisting hop into the brakes, safely bringing the train towards the station.  

Intamin says it “is thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the continued success of Luna Park Sydney”.

Last year Intamin opened Namazu, a new multi-dimension launch coaster for Vulcania in France, a popular science-themed amusement park.

A new concept was also announced recently in collaboration with media-based product developer Attraktion!, the Dome Ride Theatre, which provides a 360° cinematic experience within a large LED media sphere.

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