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Intamin installs new multi-launch coaster at Happy Valley

Popular Chinese destination’s fifth coaster is first ride of its type for park

Intamin Light of Revenge Happy Valley by Candice Fu

Intamin, a creator of record-breaking amusement rides, has announced the opening of its latest LSM Triple Launch Coaster at Happy Valley, Nanjing, China.

The new installation, named “Lights of Revenge” is largely based on the distinctive Cheetah Hunt layout, a similar Intamin launch coaster found at Busch Gardens Tampa, US.

The latest version has been updated with a “more exciting ride experience”, which is credited to Intamin’s latest train with an updated seating design, along with the ride company’s state-of-the-art Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) propulsion system.

The four full-themed trains of Lights of Revenge each feature sixteen seats with ergonomically shaped seats and over-the shoulder-lap-bar restraints which ensure maximum freedom and comfort whilst being uncompromising on the highest level of safety for passengers.  

Intamin Light of Revenge Figure Eight Big Top by Candice Fu
Photo: Candice Fu

“Thankful and proud”

The 1300 metre layout packs the memorable elements of Florida’s Cheetah Hunt into its new Chinese counterpart, with additional thrilling moments on top. 

The layout change with new interacting elements and closely placed themed structures creates several near-miss effects to intensify perceived speed for riders. Finally, the ride features an iconic 40-metre high figure-eight tower element, which acts as a focal point to draw guests in from across the park.

Intamin Light of Revenge Nighttime Happy Valley Candice Fu
Photo: Candice Fu

The roller coaster’s vicinity is heavily themed to recreate a space odyssey environment, using large structures that define the ride’s impact on the park skyline. Light sources have been placed along the track, illuminating the track in a number of different colours. The ride’s trains also have integrated LED lights built into the chassis, providing a visual show for guests when operating at night.  

An Intamin representative says “Intamin is thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the continued success of Happy Valley, Nanjing, China.”

Last month Intamin launched the first world’s first launched single-rail coaster at Luna Park, Sydney, Australia, a classic harbourside amusement park.

Headline photo credit: Candice Fu

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