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Intamin Supply Record Breaking TARON LSM Multi Launch Coaster to Phantasialand


Leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality amusement rides and attractions, Intamin Amusement Rides, has supplied a thrilling new record-breaking roller coaster – TARON – to Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany.

The TARON coaster is the spectacular centerpiece of Phantasialand’s new KLUGHEIM area which opened on June 30th 2016.

Four World Records

Intamin continues to push the boundaries of roller coaster design with TARON – the new coaster breaks four world records:
•    fastest multi launch coaster
•    fastest catapult drive (LSM)
•    longest multi launch coaster of its kind
•    number of intersections – the track crosses an unbelievable 116 times

Riders board TARON’s 16 passenger train and after a short dark section,  the train reaches the launch at which point it stops – a requirement of Phantasialand was to launch from standing rather than a boost – and is then launched to breathtaking speed by Intamin’s LSM drive system – the most powerful available on the market.

The TARON coaster doesn’t need inversions to generate an adrenaline fueled ride.  The coaster is full of surprises,  taking in humps and hills, S-curves, high banked curves and tunnels, before the train is boosted on the second launch to reach its top speed.  What follows is the spectacular combination of many near miss elements and additional air time at a thrilling pace. The train is decelerated by eddy current (i.e. magnetic) brakes making the stop as smooth as the whole ride. 

Spectacular Design on a Small Footprint

Intamin Supply Record Breaking TARON LSM Multi Launch Coaster to Phantasialand

Phantasialand are keen to offer their guests the absolute best in technology, innovation, storytelling and theming.  With this in mind, the theme park approached Intamin with the idea to develop a spectacular new launch coaster.  Intamin designed and installed the park’s successful ‘CHIAPAS – DIE WASSERBAHN’ – a flume ride with a backwards drop on a small footprint.

Phantasialand’s project team set out with a pretty clear picture of what they wanted before they contacted Intamin.  Intamin used their knowledge and expertise to bring all those great ideas to reality.

One of the biggest challenges for Intamin was the small footprint available for the new coaster.  Phantasialand’s vision for the ride design was a “huge labyrinthine ‘knot of tracks’”.  Intamin have delivered a long track, two launches and many other ride elements in the space available, making TARON a coaster full of surprises leaving riders no time to take their breath.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Train Design

Intamin Supply Record Breaking TARON LSM Multi Launch Coaster to Phantasialand

Phantasialand also had specific objectives for the rider experience – the smoothest possible ride; a high degree of passenger comfort; freedom of movement with no shoulder restraints for even the park’s larger guests; a feeling of flying and a quick and easy loading/unloading process.

To achieve these goals, Intamin worked closely with Phantasialand to develop a completely new train design, combining several features never before seen together in a train:
–    Ergonomically shaped seats guaranteeing maximum freedom in combination with Intamin’s over-the-shoulder lap bar without shoulder restraints.
–    The highest possible elevated seating position which results in dangling feet, in combination with a highly dynamic layout.
–    A barrier-free passage between the seats to speed up the load/unload process.
–    A lightweight train design. With the exception of the seat brackets there are no welds, since all the other parts of the train are made from solid/forged components. The reduction in weight has a positive impact on the ride experience, in particular in case of a launch coaster because it allows an increased launch intensity.  Also the operator benefits from reduced maintenance.

The combination of all these features in one train marks a step change in design and is something that Intamin will be using in many of their new coasters.

Co-operation to Push the Limits of Coaster Design

Intamin is proud to have completed another project with Phantasialand, and for the opportunity to contribute to the success of KLUGHEIM.  It is clients like Phantasialand, who, together with the right suppliers, are pushing the limits of ride design.

Intamin thanks the entire Phantasialand team for the excellent and especially fruitful cooperation.

Intamin Supply Record Breaking TARON LSM Multi Launch Coaster to Phantasialand

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