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Interlink Install Super Flume Water Ride at PowerPark, Finland


Interlink, water ride specialists, have designed, manufactured and installed a new Super Flume log flume ride at PowerPark in Härmä, Finland.

The Super Flume, opened in July, is located in a new area of the park and has been integrated into an existing bridge structure.  

power park water ride by interlink The bridge inspired the ride’s name, Kwai River, after the iconic film Bridge Over the River Kwai, and each of the ride’s boats is named after a character from the film.  The theming has been extended by using the Bridge Over the River Kwai film soundtrack throughout the ride, and the park has a new Thai restaurant which is accessed via the bridge.

The new Kwai River log flume ride includes two lifts and two drops, one of 7m and another of 14m, within a circuit of 400m.  The ride has a themed station building with a 12m long section for loading/unloading.  Nine, six-seater boats provide a capacity of 600 passengers an hour.

PowerPark technical manager, Petri Sariola, said, “We wanted to add a big new water ride to the park and having looked around at what was on offer from different suppliers we chose the Super Flume from Interlink. It has been very popular with our guests since opening and will no doubt help to increase our visitor numbers overall. Interlink have been very good with all aspects of the installation and overcame any initial teething problems that occurred. It is a really good addition to the park.”

John Hudd, Interlink Managing Director, adds, “This has been an enjoyable project to work on. It threw up some interesting design challenges which we successfully overcame and we are very happy with the end result. Clearly visitors to PowerPark are also very happy as it’s been popular with riders from the first day of opening and I’m sure it will continue to be so for many years to come.”

Interlink offer a range of water rides in addition to a selection of log flumes, including the Rapid River, Water Battle, Shoot the Chute, Spin Boat and kiddy and junior flumes, catering to different customer requirements and age groups.  Interlink have also recently introduced a new range of panoramic towers.

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