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Legacy Entertainment announces launch of “Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike”

Pacific Rim ride Legacy Entertainment

Legacy Entertainment, a leading theme park and resort design company, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking new ride at Trans Studio Cibubur in Indonesia.

Pacific Rim ride Legacy EntertainmentLegacy Entertainment is proud to unveil details of its latest creation – “Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike”. It is branded as “The World’s First Immersive Theater Dark Ride” and can be found at the Trans Studio Cibubur theme park, opening soon near Jakarta in Indonesia.

The new attraction is based on the hit movie Pacific Rim, by Legendary Entertainment. It has a total run time of almost 20 minutes, with four distinct phases. Vistors must face thrilling new enemies, as the dark ride includes three new deadly Kaijus, each with its own unique powers and abilities.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Trans Studio on the world’s first ‘Pacific Rim’ dark ride,” says Drew Von Bergen, Manager of Franchise Management at Legendary Entertainment. “Their commitment to both creative ambition and quality of execution has made for an experience that we believe will thrill and delight parkgoers.”

State of the art ride vehicle technology

At the start of the ride, guests are placed at the launch ceremony for the Pan Pacific Defense Corp’s first Mark VII Jaegar, Storm Garuda. They get to experience the adventure of flying the jewel in the PPDC fleet’s crown, brought to life by 3D film sequences, practical effects and cutting-edge ride vehicle technology. The attraction also features an unexpected twist midway through the ride portion that is unprecedented in the history of theme parks.

Pacific Rim ride Legacy Entertainment

To create this unique dark ride, Trans Studio enlisted the talents of Legacy Entertainment to design, direct and produce the attraction. The creative team was led by Taylor Jeffs, Chris Moschella and writer/creative director Lee Roe.

Lay-Carnagey Entertainment (“LCE”), an innovative media production team, was responsible for directing and producing the attraction’s media components. This includes an action-packed 3D film experience directed by LCE’s Roger Lay Jr. The larger than life ride experience features elements of live theatre, immersive environments, and motion-based ride technology.

Expanding the Pacific Rim universe

The “Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike” experience builds on the Pacific Rim mythology with the introduction of brand new Jaegers and Kaiju. Trans Studio worked alongside Legendary Entertainment to ensure that all of these new elements would fit seamlessly into the Pacific Rim canon.

Pacific Rim ride Legacy Entertainment

“Trans Studio challenged us to create a dark ride experience unlike any other,” says Eric Carnagey, the project’s Executive Producer at Legacy Entertainment. “The result is one of the most unique theme park experiences in the industry today. No matter what park guests have seen before, they’ll be shocked by what we have in store for them at Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike.”

Legacy Entertainment also designed the new Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which opened in November 2018 after a five-year period of development.

All images kind courtesy of Trans Studio Cibubur

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