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Nickelodeon, Super 78 & SimEx-Iwerks Create Moody Gardens’ SpongeBob SubPants Adventure


Moody Gardens has partnered with Nickelodeon, Super 78 and SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment to create a groundbreaking new attraction, SpongeBob SubPants Adventure.

The 4D interactive experience enables visitors to have  real-time conversations with SpongeBob and his friends, helping them choose the next steps in their adventure.

Attraction design and production company Super 78, provided their newest custom software and hardware, Gepettoo™ Animation Control System, which allows a performer behind the scenes to become an on-screen character, making use of animation options, lights, sounds, bubbles, and scents to bring the adventure to life.

“For the first time ever, the SpongeBob SubPants Adventure will allow guests to interact ‘live and in person’ with a 3D digital character, a major breakthrough in digital puppetry, ” said Michael “Oz” Smith, Super 78’s Technical Director. “And because guests also help navigate the sub, choosing which direction the adventure takes, every voyage will be truly one-of-a-kind.”

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment created custom seats, designed and installed all theater systems and programmed special effects in new ways to enhance the adventure, working closely with Super 78 to integrate the virtual actor system into the overall attraction. 

 Nickelodeon, Super 78 and SimEx-Iwerks Create SpongeBob SubPants Adventure for Moody Gardens

Mushroom VR™, a proprietary attraction design tool that utilizes the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to pre-visualize the experience, was used in the development of this ground breaking attraction to provide an accurate assessment of the guest experience.

Commenting on the project, Mike Frueh, Senior Vice President, Licensing & Distribution at SimEx-Iwerks, said, “This collaboration creates an emotionally engaging experience with innovative technology and definitely takes 4D storytelling to the next level.” 

 Nickelodeon, Super 78 and SimEx-Iwerks Create SpongeBob SubPants Adventure for Moody Gardens

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