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Red Raion announces new brand identity

Red Raion IAAPA expo

Red Raion, leading CGI content producer, has announced a new brand identity ahead of IAAPA Expo Asia 2019. The company will be heading to Shanghai with its new brand identity focused on CGI content production for the attractions industry.

Red Raion is pleased to announce that it has rebranded into the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions, ahead of its debut appearance at IAAPA Expo Asia in Shanghai, from June 12th – 14th. Following an evaluation of what the company has been working on over the past few years, the idea of a rebrand became clear.

The company was founded in 2014 and has clients around the world. It produces original immersive content for media-based attractions. It holds a collection of titles for VR, as well as 5D and Dome. Moreover, Red Raion has created innovative custom-built content for venues with strong thematisation and has successfully worked on a wide range of projects including immersive tunnels, VR roller coasters, customer simulators and dome theatres.

The company provides many benefits for clients, such as keeping an updated CGI video library with attractions-focused content, as well as being able to create custom-built content to fit with a specific theme.

Content designed for the attractions industry

Red Raion Logo Rebrand“We think that having just VR in our brand positioning today is a bit too limiting,” says Valeria Rizzo, PR and Business Development Director at Red Raion. “We started brainstorming together and think that CGI is definitely more suitable. Plus it’s true. Our content is all made in CGI and we are focused only on media based attractions.”

“When we founded Red Raion the idea was to create a company specialised in VR because it was a new technology and VR contents for digital attractions were missing in the industry,” adds Antonio Cannata, Co-founder and Strategy Director. “Now, we see that most companies do it all. For instance, there are the generic and local companies that are focused on other types of 3D works with no or little connection with the creation of contents for the attractions industry; then there are the distribution companies that don’t produce the content they sell but just work selling the ones created by others thus having no expertise on the different types of digital attractions.”

“And last but not least, the Hollywood studios that work creating top feature films, TV series, live action movies, and cartoons for the big screen and television, which is a totally different world. There is no in-house production studio that only produces content designed for the attractions industry. And that’s when we realized that today, we want to be perceived as the CGI content partner specialised in media based attractions.”

Live dynamic adventures

“What we have learned from our experience in the industry of fun is that people want to live dynamic adventures,” says Federico Laudani, Co-Founder and Creative Director. “This is possible only with the right mix of storytelling, special effects and motion programming. Therefore, feelings are what we try to convey when we produce new CGI content. But we don’t only work with VR. We also produce interactive content, VR movies, XD movies, and Dome movies, all formats that fall into the CGI category. Just last year, we worked on a custom-made content and produced Europe’s longest Immersive Tunnel film ever. And we also created a tailor-made film for a snow park and collaborated at the debut of the first Flying Theatre in Italy.”

Red Raion recently joined forces with Unlimited Leisure Holdings to create an immersive custom-built movie, Miko & the Spell of the Stone. It will debut at the Mall of Muscat by the end of 2019.

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