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SeaWorld San Diego unveils penguin-themed dive coaster Emperor

seaworld emperor coaster

SeaWorld San Diego has unveiled its new attraction for 2020, a penguin-themed dive coaster that will be called Emperor. The ride will be California’s first floorless dive coaster.

SeaWorld San Diego revealed the name and video of its new coaster during IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

Named after the Emperor penguin, who can dive to a depth of 1,800 feet, the 153-foot-tall ride will be the tallest and fastest floorless dive coaster in the state.

Emperor riders will travel at more than 60 mph, and will dangle and drop more than 150 feet. They will then plunge 90 degrees into loops in a tribute to Emperor penguins’ dives from cliffs to the depths of the ocean.

Tallest and fastest floorless dive coaster in California

Emperor, built by Switzerland-based Bolliger & Mabillard, is launching in summer 2020. The new coaster will be located adjacent to Journey to Atlantis.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, SeaWorld San Diego will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of penguin merchandise to Penguins International, supporting the non-profit organisation’s work to preserve and protect penguins.

Earlier this month, SeaWorld revealed its 36,000th animal rescue since it opened in 1965, continuing its efforts to help injured, ill and stranded animals.

SeaWorld San Diego initially announced the floorless dive coaster would be called Mako. However, there is already a Mako coaster at SeaWorld Orlando with a different layout.

Riders will dive in the style of Emperor penguins

The San Diego theme park welcomed the Electric Eel in 2018 and Tidal Twister in 2019. Emperor, therefore, is SeaWorld San Diego’s third new coaster in three years.

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are also launching new roller coasters Ice Breaker and Iron Gwazi in 2020.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld recently announced the second Sesame Place in the US. The new theme park will open in San Diego in spring 2021.

At IAAPA Expo 2019, SeaWorld San Antonio also unveiled the ride vehicles for its new Texas Stingray wooden roller coaster, opening in spring 2020.

The ride will be the tallest, fastest and longest wooden coaster in Texas.

Images: SeaWorld Entertainment

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