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Shaun the Sheep Land Brings Crowds Flocking to Skånes Djurpark, Sweden


Aardman Animations’ first Shaun the Sheep attraction has helped to bring crowds flocking to Sweden’s Skånes Djurpark this season.

Since opening in March, the park has welcomed a record 125, 000 visitors with 10, 000 season tickets sold.

Shaun the Sheep Land Brings Crowds Flocking to Skånes Djurpark,  Sweden“The inauguration of Shaun the Sheep Land in June, and the new tractor track, have helped make this a unique year for Skånes Djurpark., ” confirmed Kasper Schumacher, Managing Director of Skånes Djurpark.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive comments we have received from the visitors concerning the staff and the entire visitor experience.”

Skånes Djurpark is primarily a zoological park, home to a collection of animals specific to Scandinavia including bears, moose, wolves, lynx, golden eagles and wolverines. Visitors are encouraged to get close to a variety of tame animals under the guidance of the park’s experts.

With more attractions on offer including Shaun the Sheep Land and the Water Playground, guests have not only increased in numbers – the time they spend in the park has increased, too.

“Shaun the Sheep and his herd feel incredibly comfortable in Skånes Djurpark, and they have no plans on going anywhere!” adds Schumacher. “After a fantastic summer, Shaun and his friends have decided to become permanent Skåne residents so the visitors get to meet them every year.”

“We are delighted that Shaun’s presence at Skånes has had such a huge impact on visitor numbers and are looking to replicate this success with other partners around the world, ” says Sean Clarke, Head of Rights and Brand Development, Aardman.

“We are working on a number of new and exciting concepts and the team will be attending IAAPA Europe in Barcelona at the end of next month to discuss opportunities further.”

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