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Simworx Immerses Thorpe Park Visitors in 4-D Angry Birds Effects Theatre


A brand-new Angry Birds 4-D cinema experience at Thorpe Park Resort incorporates special effects to create the impression viewers have been transported into an Angry Birds game.

Simworx was contracted to develop and supply the world’s first 4-D immersive Angry Birds theatre at Thorpe Park Resort near London.

Working in close collaboration with the Merlin Magic Making creative team, Simworx has incorporated an array of effects that transport the visitor into the heart of the action.

The outcome of a partnership deal between Merlin Entertainment, Thorpe Park’s operator, and Finland’s Rovio Entertainment, creator of the popular Angry Birds franchise, the innovative 4-D experience comprises 326 seats and a number of impressive special effects which draw viewers into a 10 minute film which was produced by L A – based production company Pure Imagination.

Simworx Immerses Thorpe Park Visitors in 4-D Angry Birds Effects Theatre

Thorpe Park Divisional Director Mike Vallis, commenting on the effects Simworx has utilised, remarked: “It’s the closest thing you’re ever going to get to being in an Angry Birds game.”

The 10-minute movie experience forms the centrepiece of a 4, 000 square metre Angry Birds-themed area at Thorpe Park that includes Angry Birds dodgem cars and a drop tower ride.

Effects that combine to make viewers feel they are participating in the 10-minute movie as the Angry Birds strive to recover their eggs from King Pig include leg-ticklers, bubbles, water jets, smoke and air gusts as well as sound and light effects, as well as the new and unique ‘catapult’ chair movement. 

Simworx Immerses Thorpe Park Visitors in 4-D Angry Birds Effects Theatre

When the Angry Birds are pulled back into a catapult in the movie, the viewers’ seats are drawn back slowly, too. When the catapults on screen are released, firing the birds, the viewers’ seats are propelled suddenly forward to mimic the motion. 

Simwork is a world leader in the supply of media-based dynamic simulation attractions. Its products include 3 and 4-D cinemas; motion theatres; the Immersive Tunnel; Stargazer motion pod and Robocoaster attractions, and its capabilities range from full turnkey solutions through product development, custom attractions, manufacturing and service support to film content and complete themed attractions. 

Terry Monkton, MD of Simworx, said of the project:

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Merlin team on such an outstanding project and we are delighted to have been part of what will, I’m sure, be part of a very successful new area at Thorpe Park Resort. Angry Birds has a huge following and is popular with a very wide age range; what we’ve created within the 4-D theatre immerses visitors in the experience to create a really fun attraction. We’re delighted with the end result.”

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