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Simworx seeks North American sales agent to drive US growth

Simworx Immersive Adventurer

Dynamic media attractions specialist Simworx is seeking a North American sales representative to drive US growth.

The UK based company has enjoyed considerable global success in recent years, and is now looking for a dedicated US sales agent. Simworx’ US representative will have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the region, marketing products such as the Immersive Tunnel, the Stargazer motion ride, AGV (Advanced Guidance Vehicle) dark rides, 3D/4D effects theatres, the Immersive Adventurer and more.

Simworx CEO Terry Monkton says, “We have enjoyed a significant period of growth during the past three years with the development of a number of new products for the theme park and attractions industry and the completion of many projects around the world.

“Although some of those projects have been in the US, we feel there is big market there for our extensive product range that has proved incredibly popular in Europe and the Middle and Far East. A dedicated sales representative would enable us to achieve a much higher market share in the region, working with an exciting and successful product range that continues to prove its worth for operators time and again on a global basis.”

Interested parties should contact CEO Terry Monkton ( or Sales Director Edward Pawley ( for more information.

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