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Themed Entertainment: Goddard Group’s “Ring of Harmony” breaks ground in Shenfu New Town China

shenfu town china gary goddard design themed entertainment ring of harmony
Hollywood, California based Gary Goddard and his company, The Goddard Group, world leaders in the schematic design, master planning, concept  and show design of theme parks, themed entertainment destinations, mega resorts and casinos across the world, have announced that ground has been broken on their latest development, “Shenfu New shenfu town china gary goddard design themed entertainment ring of harmonyTown, ” specifically on the project’s  iconic “Ring of Harmony, ” set to be the centre piece for the new city. 
Over the next ten years, construction on the brand new city, which will be sited between the two cities of Shenyang and Fushun, will take place in a number of key phases.
The Goddard Group has provided the concept and master planning services for two square kilometers of the more than 10 square kilometer new city. Working closely with both local development agencies and local government , Goddard and his team of skilled designers, will also shape and design the two enormous lakes around which the new city of Shenfu New Town will be built.  The iconic “Ring of Harmony, ” a 505-foot tall stainless steel ring will tower over these lakes, serving as an iconic focal point for the city.
The ambitious Shenfu Town project  follows the enormous success of the Goddard Group-designed “Galaxy Macau” Mega Resort and Casino in China, the $2 billion project which was  recently awarded the  “World’s Best Casino / Integrated Resort of the Year” accolade at the International Gaming Awards.  In less than 12 months, the Galaxy World Macau venue has become a world class mega resort visited by millions of people from all over the world and Goddard and his team anticipate similar success for the  extraordinary “Ring of Harmony” at Shenfu New Town.
“A circle on a grand scale”
Mr. Goddard said, “When we were first approached about providing a master plan and vision for Shenfu New Town’s downtown urban core, I told our client that if they would like to see a city that was vibrant and artistic within a people-friendly environment, we could create that. And as we started to work toward that goal, I felt that this massive new town needed a visual ‘center’ toshenfu town china gary goddard design themed entertainment ring of harmony symbolize its place in China and in the world. I thought about the many iconic symbols throughout the world, and realized no one had really perfected the circle on a grand scale. So for this project, set against the lakes that we were designing, I felt that a perfect circle would represent the harmony of life in balance: the balance between man and nature, between land, water and sky, while also depicting the inner-connective nature of life itself.”
“So we designed the ‘Ring of Harmony’ as a unifying symbol for Shenfu New Town – a place where people and nature live in harmony together. The city planners and city fathers were so taken with this idea, that they immediately embraced it, which allowed my team and I to quickly begin the schematic design. Within months, the city started construction. The large circle also inspired the graphic identity for this new city as well. Using the ‘Ring of Harmony’ as a defining graphic symbol, we developed the core graphic identity for the entire Shenful New Town as well.”
Although the “Ring of Harmony” will be completed first, the Goddard Group’s master plan covers over two square kilometers (roughly 500 square acres) of urban design, including civic buildings, parks, lakes, housing, retail, entertainment, and other community-based design elements. The total Shenfu New Town project will be built out over the next four to five years. 
shenfu town china gary goddard design themed entertainment ring of harmony

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