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Wyatt Design Group Expands with New Staff and International Projects


Wyatt Design Group, Inc., a multi-disciplinary entertainment design studio based in Pasadena, California specializing in theme parks, exhibitions, attractions, and leisure destinations, has announced the addition of three new members of staff.

Three new designers have been added to the creative team:  Josh Schwartz, PLA – Landscape Architect-Planner, ASLA, Frances Angevine  Senior Show Set Designer, and Kristin Showalter – Graphic Designer.

Wyatt Design new recruits: Josh Schwartz,  PLA—Landscape Architect-Planner,  ASLA,  Frances Angevine—Senior Show Set Designer,  and Kristin Showalter—Graphic Designer.

Commenting on the announcement, Principal Larry Wyatt said, “While there is increased demand for entertainment design worldwide, some very large projects were completed last year and others postponed or delayed so, consequently, we find a lot of experienced talent available to either add to our full-time staff or utilize as consultants.  Not only are our new staff members very experienced, most have worked with our existing staff elsewhere before joining the WDG team.  So there is instant camaraderie and collaboration—which makes for a very productive work environment.  Although the demand has been unusually high, we have been cautious to select the specific talent and chemistry needed to join our group.  It’s a good position to be in when new projects seem to keep flooding in.

“We have been blessed with great new projects this year, but even more so in having an awesome staff and consultant team to produce the work needed.  The types of projects in the office right now range from detailed design of an interactive dark ride to master planning an entire theme park, design of an eco-adventure resort, a bio-chemical technology visitor center, and a centuries-old cultural site.  With that wide range of projects, our core in-house team relies on our amazing and talented external collaborators to meet the work volume demand.  Without everyone working so productively together, we wouldn’t be successful.  I couldn’t be more proud of the work we are doing right now and the outstanding people I am fortunate to work with.”

Wyatt Design Group currently has many international projects underway.  Wyatt continues: “A trend is developing in China – cultural destinations.  Based on the success of our concept master plan for the 1, 500-year-old Mogao Caves Visitor Center ten years ago in Dunhuang, China, we were invited by Silkroading (Beijing) Co. Ltd to work on a new cultural destination in the same region of Gansu Province.  We also recently completed concept design for Dong ‘E Bio-Technology Park, a multi-format pharmaceutical plant tour that celebrates 2, 500 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Changyu Cultural Park, a destination city showcasing the history and technological advances in winemaking at China’s oldest winery.  Both attractions are slated to open in 2017.

“It has been a very busy year of very diverse new projects for us — from North Hollywood to Vietnam, Orlando to China, Spain to the Middle East.  We are communicating with clients 24/7.  Entertainment design is truly a Global Economy.  It’s fun, but can be exhausting.”

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