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Amusement Parks: Adventure City – a Potted History

Adventure City is an amusement park which is located in Anaheim and is only a couple of miles from Disneyland. 

This amusement park is one of the smallest in California and although it cannot compare to its neighbours Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm in terms of size and scale, it tries to outshine its more glamourous ‘rivals’ when it comes to offering the greatest all-round amusement park experience to families, particularly those with children under 10 years old. 

The amusement park opened in 1994 as a result of Hobby City – a complex of museums and novelty shops – deciding to expand. Set in just over 2 acres of land, the amusement park is packed with attractions and rides aimed at younger children and is billed as “the little theme park that’s BIG on family fun.”

It has a gentle rollercoaster and there’s the Rescue Ride which allows youngsters to dress up as fire fighters, policemen and women or ambulance crews and drive their parents around the track. 

For those who like to take to the air, there’s Barnstormer Planes, a mini Ferris wheel and several other bus and train themed rides. At the amusement park, there’s also a Thomas the Tank Engine themed play area and a classic arcade.

The amusement park also features a children’s theatre which puts on puppet and other live entertainment shows and which is also used for educational presentations. 

Other popular attractions at the amusement park include the petting farm where you can snuggle up to a rabbit, tickle a sheep, cuddle a cute chick and even hug a friendly pig. There is also Mount Adventurous where kids can put their climbing skills to the test on this 24 foot rock climbing tower and you can even have your photo taken at the summit to mark your achievement. 

Another major plus about the amusement park is its ability to cater for children’s parties and other group events. It is relatively inexpensive compared to most of the larger amusement parks nearby which make it ideal if you want to give a younger child a birthday to remember without busting the bank.

Many parents who are drawn to this amusement park will say that it’s an ideal day out if you have younger children with plenty for them to see and do without the additional hassles and stress that can often accompany a visit to larger amusement parks with young children.

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