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Amusement Parks: Adventure Island – a Potted History

Adventure Island is a water amusement park located close to Tampa, Florida and is situated right next to Busch Gardens amusement park.

This amusement park is also owned by the Busch Entertainment Corporation and was opened in 1980.

Although the amusement park does have a number of extreme thrill rides to enjoy, it is also keen to provide a relaxing atmosphere for those who like their amusement park experiences to be a little slower paced. In fact, as you enter the amusement park, you are immediately transported into the laidback lifestyle so typical of the Florida Keys even though you are miles away from them.

Thrill rides at the amusement park include Riptide, where you race against two others in this enclosed 3 tube ride down a 55 foot drop before plunging down into 4 open air lanes where you can expect to receive a proper soaking. 

Other rides at the amusement park include Calypso Coaster, the Caribbean Corkscrew, Gulf Scream, Wahoo Run and Key West Rapids amongst several others.

The amusement park also features waterfalls, a giant wave pool and a rambling river as well as other family attractions.

Simplicity goes hand in hand with the laid back atmosphere at this amusement park and one of the ingenious ways it has achieved this is by introducing what’s called the ‘Caribbean Coin’. This simple but very useful device is simply a bar-coded wristband you wear onto which you have already preloaded money. This then makes it very easy for you to use to buy food, refreshments and other items throughout the amusement park without having to carry hard coins and currency on your person.

You can also rent your own Cabana or Chika Hut at the amusement park where you can relax and which acts a base to meet back up with friends and family members.

All in all, this amusement park lives up to its reputation of being the ideal place for ‘soaking, sunning and relaxation.”

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