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Amusement Parks: Blackgang Chine – a Potted History

Blackgang Chine is an amusement park with a bit of a difference because of its spectacular location right next to the cliffs at Ventnor on the Isle Of Wight as well the amusement park’s history and the folklore attached to it.

Back in 1800, Blackgang Chine was just a wild and desolate place frequented by local mackerel fishermen and visions abound of shipwrecks and smugglers which the amusement park continues to capitalise on today.

Historically speaking, Blackgang Chine was simply a spectacular ravine until coastal erosion and continual landslides forced the owner, Alexander Dabell, to repeatedly move the cliff top facilities back towards safety after the amusement park was first established in 1843.

The original concept for the amusement park was to be more of a curiosity park and Dabell actually shipped in a whale skeleton which still stands as a showpiece today.

Still run by Dabell’s descendants today, the amusement park’s focus these days is to provide themed entertainment for families with younger children. And, set in a location not dissimilar to the rugged Jurassic coast made popular in the hit film ‘Jurassic Park’, life-size replica dinosaurs are one of the notable features of this amusement park.

Although this amusement park does not cater a great deal for thrill seekers when it comes to the rides on offer, it does combine many strange and whimsical attractions. These include Rumpus Mansion which is located in an old manor house inside the amusement park which is home to mischievous spirits, animated goblins and other mystical fantasy creatures.

Buffalo Canyon is a full size ‘Old West’ frontier town and is one of the amusement park’s most popular attractions featuring covered wagons, a jail and a wild west saloon. For those who enjoy adventure there’s the pirate fort and smuggler’s boat which truly reflect the history of the amusement park’s past.
The amusement park also features a butterfly walk where you can observe and learn all about many different species of butterfly. This popular trail also leads you to the amusement park’s Crooked House full of disorientating corridors and funny scenes.

Catering facilities at the amusement park include the Waffle House, Pirate’s Pantry and La Cantina which, with its hot dogs and burgers as well as a whole host of tempting pastries and ice cream, will ensure that none of the cowboys and cowgirls out on the range will go hungry.

The amusement park opens from the end of March until the beginning of November but times can vary depending on the specific time of year you choose to visit. Therefore, you should check with the amusement park’s website to ensure that the attractions that most appeal to you and your family are operating when you intend to visit.

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