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Amusement Parks: Crealy Great Adventure Parks – a Potted History

Crealy Great Adventure Parks is the brand name associated with two amusement parks which are located in Devon and Cornwall in the south west of England.The concept for the initial amusement park was devised by Angela Wright in 1987 who wanted to create an amusement park which typified the recreation of a childhood spent in the country. This included not just adventure playgrounds but also a place where you could ride ponies, feed and hold other animals and learn about farming practices.

The Devon amusement park was opened first in 1989. Located in Clyst St. Mary on the outskirts of Exeter, Crealy amusement park began as an open farm which had originally been purchased from Cambridge University. Farming still plays some part in the amusement park today although its appeal has been widened since its initial conception. From a first year total of around 40, 000 visitors, today Devon’s Crealy amusement park regularly attracts up to 500, 000 visitors each year.

Meteorite is the amusement park’s latest thrill seeking ride where you rise high above the dinosaurs to see Dina’s Lost World before plunging back down to earth amidst showering stars. Devon Crealy also boasts the ‘Battle of the Bears’ where you need to duck, dive and dodge great balls of fire. As well as a Log Flume, there’s the Queen Bess Pirate Ship to enjoy at the amusement park, racing the Techno Karts and younger children can also enjoy grooming the ponies. The amusement park also has ‘Close Encounters’ where you’ll encounter cute rabbits, lambs, guinea pigs and young goats.

The Crealy Great Adventure Park in Cornwall began life on a farm called Trelow Farm in Tredinnick. It was bought by Terry Sandling who turned it into the Shire Horse Centre in 1989 until it was sold to Crealy in 2003.

Today, the amusement park in Cornwall attracts over 200, 000 visitors per year. It features a Playtime Farm and Myths and Legends. Younger children, in particular, enjoy the fun of the Enchanted Realm and Adventure Realm. For toddlers, there’s also a Digging Desert and this amusement park also has its own ‘Close Encounters’ area just like the one at Devon Crealy as outlined above.

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