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Amusement Parks: Forever Florida – a Potted History

Forever Florida is a unique amusement park aimed at the preservation of Florida’s ecological past and is located in St. Cloud, Florida, about an hour’s drive from Orlando.

The amusement park was the brainchild of Louisiana-born Dr. Allen Broussard and its origins stretch back to when Dr. Broussard was a young boy when he used to love roaming around the area next to the family’s cattle ranch, called Crescent J. This ultimately led him to become a Wildlife Ecologist and, when he met his wife Margaret, together they set up the Allen Broussard Conservancy in order to buy the land on which the amusement park resides today, in order to preserve it for generations to come.

The Crescent J ranch still stands at the amusement park today and its museum features the unique cracker horses of Florida as well as Spanish colonial cattle.

However, the main attractions at the amusement park are the three guided adventure tours you can go on. There’s a Coach Safari as well as a Horseback Safari and, in 2009, the amusement park’s new Zipline Safari was unveiled.

For those who prefer a longer experience, the amusement park also offers 2 and 3 day Horseback Safaris where you can ride on horseback during the day and camp overnight under the Florida star-filled night sky. There are also additional educational overnight camping programmes for children, adults and scout groups and cabin rentals are also available at the amusement park for those who prefer a bit more comfort over camping.

In spite of all the attractions, the amusement park places eco-tourism and conservation at the heart of its ethos and over 30 per cent of the amusement park’s profits are put back into purchasing extra land for further conservation.

At the amusement park, you’ll get to experience Florida’s natural streams, pastures, forests and wetlands as well as learn more about some typical Floridian wildlife such as black bears, alligators, white-tail deer and the elusive Florida panther which is an endangered species. 

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