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Amusement Parks: Paulton’s Park – a Potted History

Paulton’s Park is an amusement park located in the village of Ower which is close to Romsey in Hampshire and the amusement park is right next to Hampshire’s famous New Forest which is well known for its wildlife.

In fact, the amusement park, which opened in 1983, was originally a country park and bird garden and although it has been transformed dramatically over the years to incorporate thrill seeking rides and much more, it still boasts a tradition of keeping animals such as meerkats, penguins and cranes as well as a variety of other exotic animals and birds.

The name of the amusement park is derived from Paulton’s House which was burnt down in a fire and it is now owned and run by Richard and Sara Mancey who have continued to invest heavily over the years contributing to the amusement park’s success.

One of the amusement park’s most popular thrill seeking rides over the past couple of years has been the Cobra with its snake themed cars and numerous steep drops. However, this is about to be superseded by a brand new ride called ‘Edge’ which opens to the public in March 2009. Located close to the Cobra in the amusement park, it consists of a large spinning disc which can travel up to 43 mph and reaches a height of 15 metres. It has also been designed so that riders will experience the sensation of weightlessness.

The amusement park also features a number of popular water rides including the Wave Runner, Raging River Ride and, for the youngsters, Seal Falls.
Water attractions continue to be a popular feature of this amusement park. This will be borne out by the introduction of a brand new 8, 500 square foot water park in Easter 2009.

In addition to over 50 rides for both young and old alike at the amusement park, there are other attractions and shows to enjoy too. Magic Forest is an interactive nursery rhyme forest with animated models re-enacting famous nursery rhymes that all youngsters will be familiar with. Gold Rush Falls is an area where kids can pan for gold and play a round of the 12 hole crazy golf course. Those who are interested in history will enjoy the amusement park’s ‘Romany Experience and Village Life Museum’ as well as the ‘Land of the Dinosaurs’.

For animal and bird lovers, Meerkat Manor and African Aviary are both popular attractions at the amusement park.

Last year saw the 25th anniversary of the amusement park. To celebrate this, the Manceys installed a fascinating ‘Floating Globe’ within the new entrance plaza of the amusement park. This is constructed of solid granite and weighs 6 ½ tons, yet as it’s suspended on a layer of water, it can be turned just by a child’s finger.

Another commemorative feature of the amusement park is ‘John’s Garden’ – a tranquil haven constructed as a memorial tribute to previous owner John Mancey who founded the amusement park back in 1983.

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