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Amusement Parks: Sonoma Traintown – a Potted History

The Sonoma Traintown Railroad Park is an amusement park located in the famous Napa Valley wine region of California. So, if you are a wine enthusiast and a miniature train buff, you couldn’t wish for a better day out.

The amusement park is set amidst some of the most beautiful and tranquil Californian countryside. It features streams, lakes, waterfalls, metal bridges and tunnels, all in miniaturised form. 

The highlight of the amusement park is the ride aboard the Traintown rail line. You’ll be transported through open forests and alongside streams, passing over bridges and through tunnels along the way. The train journey will take you back to your memories of how trains used to be and your kids will love the adventure too. You will all get to travel to the miniature town of Lakeville complete with school, chapel, jail, fire house and there’s even a fort at the amusement park for children to play in and climb.

In addition to the miniature train journey, there are other rides to enjoy at the amusement park. These include the Chattanooga Choo-Choo-Chairs where both adults and kids are spun around. There’s also the Iron Horse Carousel and giant Ferris Wheel as well as a small roller coaster called the Dragon Train Coaster. Young children can also take to the sky at the amusement park with TrainTown airlines, a small plane ride.

Even the youngest children are catered for with a good selection of coin operated rides at the amusement park which include a stagecoach and a galloping horse and there’s also an air hockey table and plenty of picnic tables to sit down at and have a bite to eat whilst taking in the quaint beauty of this amusement park with its nostalgic flavour of days gone by.

At a very affordable price, the amusement park is also a great place to celebrate a child’s birthday, especially if your child is a railway enthusiast.

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