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Amusement Parks: Theatre of the Sea – a Potted History

Theatre of the Sea is a marine animal amusement park which is located in Islamorada, Florida.

The amusement park was established in 1946 and was the second facility of its kind to be opened. Its salt water lagoon originated as a quarry which supplied the rock that was used to build the railroad, designed by Henry Flagler, to link the Florida Keys to the rest of mainland USA.

The philosophy at the heart of the amusement park is to offer a magnificent home to its animals whilst allowing visitors to interact closely with them in order to foster a sensitivity and awareness towards animals, conservation and the environment. In fact, whilst some of the animals were born in the amusement park many were brought in as the result of injuries sustained in the wild.

At the amusement park, you can swim with dolphins, stingrays and sea lions all within their own natural habitat. In addition to these incredible experiences, the lagoons and tropical gardens at the amusement park are also home to sharks, alligators, crocodiles, lizards, parrots, birds of prey and numerous species of fish and other forms of marine wildlife.

You can also take a 4 hour boat adventure and snorkelling cruise from the amusement park which will transport you back to a bygone era to a land ruled by Indian warriors, English settlers and Spanish pirates. The tour from the amusement park takes in Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park where you can visit the 1919 construction, Matheson House. This island has hardly changed over the intervening years. Indian Key State Park is also on this tour at the amusement park where you’ll uncover the history of the pirates and the original Indian settlers.

In addition to the trips and experiences at the amusement park, it has also become extremely popular as a location for wedding ceremonies. Here, after a spectacular dolphin and sea lion show, the dolphins are trained to escort you to the altar and can even carry the wedding rings! The amusement park will also cater to all kinds of tastes for the reception on its spacious Starlight Terrace in a picturesque setting of tropical gardens with exotic flowers and which features a winding path which can be lined with fire torches amidst a number of natural salt water pools teeming with marine life to give you some spectacular wedding photos at the amusement park.

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