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Amusement Parks: Wonder World Park – a Potted History

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Wonder World Park is a theme park located just off I-35 in San Marcos, Texas situated between the cities of Austin and San Antonio.

It is a unique type of theme park being one of the few where the theme is centred on caves with it being located on the Balcones Fault Line.

The theme park’s Wonder Cave, which was established in 1903, enables you to explore an actual earthquake cave where you can witness the effects of a devastating quake of yesteryear. Expert guides at the theme park will show you examples of fossilised prehistoric life which have become embedded into many of the strata formations and you’ll be amazed at the sight of boulders which have been suspended in mid-air. It is a fascinating trip back at the theme park into geological history.

As you exit the cave at the theme park, you’ll get back to the top using the Stratavator which will take you from the dark depths of the cave below and upwards 190-feet towards the Tejas Observation Tower from where there is the Observation Museum in the Sky in which you’ll get to see incredible views and learn all about the dramatic shifting that took place during the earthquake as well as gaining an understanding of how the Balcones Fault Line came about.

In addition to its educational side, the theme park also has its own Express Train which will take you on a journey to Mystery Mountain where you’ll splash through a waterfall on your way to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park at the theme park. Here, you’ll get to meet many of the friendly deer that inhabit the theme park and where they will wait for the trains as you can also buy food to feed them with.

Another fun attraction at the theme park is the Anti-Gravity House where you’ll have a surreal experience of seeing things that go up which don’t come back down as well as the bizarre experience of seeing water running uphill instead of downwards.


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