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Amusement Parks: ZDT’s Amusement Park – a Potted History

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ZDT’s Amusement Park is located in Seguin, Texas.

It is as much about being an indoor activity centre as well as having its outdoor amusement park activities so there’s always plenty to do, come rain or shine at the amusement park.

Jungle Playland is Texas’s highest indoor jungle playground. It is housed on 5 different levels and, aimed at toddlers to adults and with 6 foot high spaces, even your Mum and Dad can come in and enjoy the fun! 

Its neighbouring ‘Ballocity’ is the place to be at the amusement park to get thousands of soft foam balls dumped straight on top of you. You can safely hurl these at your family and friends and even shoot them through cannons.

Other attractions at the amusement park include the Parachute Drop which takes riders to the top of its 65-foot tower before dropping them. This was the amusement park’s first outdoor ride.

There are two attractions at the amusement park for enthusiastic climbers of all levels. For the more advanced, there’s the 60-foot high Silo Climb which is the tallest auto-belay climbing wall in the world. You can also race against family members and friends to try to be the first to the top to press the buzzer on the smaller 25-foot rock climbing wall, set amidst the Mayan ruins.

There is a new 90-foot FunSlide at the amusement park with 3 lanes which allow you to race against others.

There are 3 great simulation rides at the amusement park. They are Jet Flight which allows you to be either the pilot or the gunner as you fly through the air. 
There is also Roller-Coaster which allows you to get creative and design your own virtual roller coaster ride using one of over 38 billion possible combinations and upon completion, it allows you to test ride your creation in its simulator. The same is also true with Bobsled where you can design your own course and then feel the wind on your face as you spiral, loop and bank through the icy terrain on the course which you have created.

The amusement park also features go karts, a bungee trampoline and there are two video arcades.

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