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Shanghai World Expo and the USA Pavilion open May 1

With the opening of Expo 2010 Shanghai just a few weeks off it is time to look in on the USA Pavilion (USAP), an accomplishment all the more impressive considering its very bumpy start. (See:  Why the USA Pavilion at Shanghai Had Such a Difficult Path ) BRC Imagination Arts, show producer for the USAP and with a long line of world expo credits reaching back to 1986 (Vancouver), shared with us the following fact sheet about the expo and the USAP, with photos showing the nearly completed building. Congratulations to the team that made this happen, notably Nick Winslow, Ellen Eliasoph, Clive Grout and the folks at BRC including Bob Rogers, Tisa Poe and Greg Lombardo.

USA Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010

The first ever World Expo hosted by China, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is expected to draw more visitors than any other event in world history, and the most significant milestone in the unveiling of China since the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At the Olympics, China announced itself to the world. At Expo 2010, the world will come to China.

The most anticipated national pavilion at Expo 2010, the USA Pavilion presents a visually stunning and deeply moving experience that plays out across four shows – an Overture and Three Acts – to tell a uniquely American story of freedom, democracy, opportunity, diversity, innovation and success. Americans from across all walks of life, including one courageous and determined young girl with a dream of change, show visitors that the challenges facing the globe are great, but the spirit of innovation and power to transform our world live within us all.

Expo Dates: May 1, 2010 – October 31, 2010

Expected Attendance
Expo: 70 million+ visitors (60M Chinese, 10M International)
USA Pavilion: 5-6 million (Inside)

Key Dates
Opening Day: May 1st, 2010
USA Pavilion Day: July 2, 2010

: The USA Pavilion is located in the Americas zone on the Pudong side of
the Expo site.

Size and Capacity: The USA Pavilion will span more than 6, 000 square meters and
entertain over 35, 000 guests a day.

Total Budget: $61 Million US

USA Pavilion Team (Bios at
Nick Winslow, President & Co-Founder
Ellen Eliasoph, General Counsel & Co-Founder
Ambassador Franklin L. Lavin; Chairman, Steering Committee
Jose Villareal, USA Commissioner General

BRC Imagination Arts, Experience Design and Production (Bios at
Bob Rogers, CEO and Founder
Tisa Poe, Vice President, Brand and Entertainment Experiences
Greg Lombardo, Director Brand Development

Clive Grout, Building Architect (Bio at

Pavilion Sponsors:
3M, Boeing, Cargill, Committee of 100, Dell, General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, PepsiCo, USA-China Education Science & Culture Association,
WAL-MART, Chevron, Visa, Procter & Gamble, American Airlines and Marriott.

Notable Features of the USA Pavilion:

  • The Building: The USA Pavilion is a working prototype for the sustainable building of tomorrow, and includes solar panels, water capture systems, and a rooftop urban farm.
  • Staffing: Young Americans participating in the Student Ambassador Program overseen by the USC-China Institute will staff the major presentation sections of the USA Pavilion.
  • USA Pavilion Restaurant: A quick-service establishment with a specially designed menu offering not only traditional American foods (hamburgers, fries), but some unique items as well (buffalo burgers, alligator sticks, and Creole gumbo).
  • USA Pavilion Stage: Will offer cultural performances throughout each day, exposing guests waiting in line to a wide range of entertainment from dance to music.
  • LED Screen: A 33-foot LED screen just above the stage and the restaurant will be a source of entertainment for guests waiting to enter the Pavilion.
  • VIP Lounge: VIPs will be met on the ground floor and then whisked up in an elevator to the Lounge. A Concierge Desk at the Suite’s entrance will cater to our VIPs’ every need, whether it be travel arrangements, VIP entrance to another pavilion, etc.

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