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Special Venue Media: Immersive Film Festival Names Fulldome Winners

Navegar Foundation held the Immersive Film Festival at Centro Multimeios of Espinho, Portugal, April 24-26. On an Evans & Sutherland fulldome digital video system, some 25 fulldome cinema productions were shown in addition to 23 new works submitted for creative competition.

Also on the program was a group discussion led by IMERSA, a nonprofit created to promote the fulldome medium. Sponsors of the event included Sky-Skan, RSA Cosmos, Global Imagination and Map Cards. Additional information and images at

Winning selections were made in five categories by a jury of four specialists (Dan Neafus of the Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Mike Bruno of Spitz Inc., Michael Daut of Evans & Sutherland, fulldome producer/director Francisco Costa and journalist Sara Oliveira), excepting the Audience Award which was selected by public vote.

WINNERSspecial venue media fulldome image

Best of the Festival and Audience Award
Hijos del Agua

Best Immersion


Best Soundtrack
NSC Creative
United Kingdom

Best Visuals
NSC Creative
United Kingdom

Warik Lawrence

Future Memory
Amanda Philips/Alexander Mitchell

Living in Space
NSC Creative
United Kingdom

Ilusa Media

Natural Selection                                                        
Mirage 3D
The Netherlands                                                                                    

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