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Cedar point amusement park from Cedar Fair.

The Major New Theme Park Rides for 2013

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Tracy KahanerBy Tracy Kahaner (left), president  Kahaner Research and News Editor, Blooloop

This is the fifth annual study Blooloop has conducted regarding new rides at some of the larger theme parks and amusement parks around the world.  While this listing does provide an in-depth overview of the rides opening in 2013, it is not exhaustive.
 Except for a few instances, those rides that have relocated from one park to another have been omitted from this analysis; along with those rides that have been renovated and / or re-themed.  The vast majority of rides that are geared towards the very young child along with the aquatic attractions have been excluded as well.
The figures to utilized to create this report have been obtained through a variety of reliable sources including ride manufacturer, park operators, architects and designers.  We believe the information in this article to has been well researched and accurate at press time and apologize for any inadvertent omissions or errors.  We are indebted to the many industry professionals who took the time to review this information for accuracy.
Major new theme park rides - rollercoasters

  Image: Cedar Point's GateKeeper

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